Over the course of 4 weeks THE EPIC HUMAN PROJECT is guaranteed to make you dig deep, like really deep, to your core. Our goal is to help you unleash your best self in 2019. We could talk until we’re blue in the face about nutrition and how to get that sexy body you’ve always wanted, blah blah blah, BUT honestly… it ‘effing starts with the space that’s between your ears. Your fricking brain people! It doesn’t start with food. It starts with the right mindset and for most of us, we’re going to need some time to create healthy mental habits in order to start seeing the rest of our shit come together in a good way. Like a really good way.

After reviewing feedback from our past “Challenge” participants (we went wayyyyy back), we’ve discovered a common thread and missing piece to our offering. A missing piece that, in our opinion, is THE foundation of a successful fitness/nutrition challenge. 


As many of you know several of your FH Coaches have been practicing daily mindset rituals over the past couple months. Some for years. A number of you have witnessed and have even been included in our daily gratitude rituals when at the gym🙌

By just taking 5 min every morning we have seen and felt incredible changes on a daily level... 

✅ more clarity and purpose
✅ more motivation to complete tasks
✅ consistency behind our training and diet
✅ better communication with our co-workers and loved ones
✅ greater a sense of accomplishment in multiple facets of our lives
✅ less fear and more opportunity 
✅ better sleep
✅ happier
✅ overall feeling a greater sense of purpose and love for life on a daily level.

So, what does this have to do with you? Well, we’re working with the creators behind the 5 min Journal (see video below) and we are making this journal the foundation of our Jan 14 2019 Challenge, THE EPIC HUMAN PROJECT. We have been granted a special discount on our bulk order for our members participating in the Challenge. 

If you want “IN” then the investment will be $267 for members and $487 for non-member (includes one month access to FH classes). This will include the 5min journal, weekly in-person group meetings, special presentation by Radiant Spirit Coaching along with all the nutrition and mindset coaching by Jess Mullen to keep you focused and on track. Everyone will be using their own method for tracking. The non-negotiator in this New Year Challenge is implementing mindset practices. Yes, we’ll talk about food but we’re going to focus heavily on where this all begins... the space between your ears.

It’s starts with our Mindset. Who’s in?


Begins January 14th, 2019

  • Coached by Jess Mullen, MS, RD* and Molly Kieland (FH Owner) with Special Guest, Mandy Jankus of Radiant Spirit Coaching

  • FIRST 20 to register receive their 5 min Journal

  • Measurements/before photos is optional

  • “Kickoff” on Jan 5th (11am) or Jan 8th (5:30pm)

  • Sample Meal Plan (optional)

  • Weekly Challenges and Prizes 

  • Weekly Email Check-ins

  • Weekly EHP Group Meetings (Tues @ 6:30pm)

  • Final Weigh-in and Measurements with Picture is optional

- ADD ON: Accelerate your results with a 1:1 nutrition consultation



BodySpec Overview

BodySpec will be returning to FUELhouse on 1/10/19, 1/11/19, 1/13/19!!! BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DXA scanner. In a fully-clothed 10 minute scan, you'll learn more about your body than you've ever known. At just $45 per scan, we’re the most affordable DXA scan in the country.

BodySpec brings medical-grade body composition technology, used by professional athletes, to you at an affordable price. Our scanners measure body fat, muscle and bone, not only on a whole-body but also a regional basis. Check out a sample report or our video.

Why scan with BodySpec?

Our scans are comprehensive and individualized snapshots of your body that give you the information you need to:

•   Pinpoint the exact impact of a new training or diet plan

•   Track progress over time, down to exact muscle and fat changes in different areas of the body

•   Optimize your training to suit your body’s specific needs

•   Compare your bone density to others like you

•   Identify longterm health risks

Our 10-min scan is done fully clothed. Wear your workout clothes. No getting wet and no pinching! Just lie down on our scanner and relax!

How to Sign Up

1.    Schedule a scan appointment here: 




Important Dates, Times & Info:

Kickoff EHP Seminar: Saturday, January 5th, 2019 @ 11AM

Program Launch Date: Monday, January 14th, 2019

Limited to 50 People!

Start Working Towards YOUR Results NOW & RESET Your Lifestyle!