It's hard for families with a child going through cancer treatment to think about the holidays.  So, FUELhouse is helping a family this year through Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Western Washington’s Adopt a Family program. 

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children, exceeded only by accidents. Candlelighters is dedicated to supporting families who are going through pediatric cancer diagnosis and treatment. A child’s cancer takes a toll on the whole family, and Candlelighters wants to help build a community of support and understanding for patients, parents and siblings.

We have been matched with a family of 9 (7 kids + 2 parents) for the holidays. At the gym and in our private FUELhouse Tribe Facebook group you will find their wish list that we have been provided with based on the application information.  Below, is a little bit of information on the family.


This family has had a lot of health issues. Their daughter was diagnosed with cancer this past spring and started intense chemo followed by a leg amputation. She opted for rotationplasty. Following amputation she has had several trips to the OR and her leg is taking a while to heal due to simultaneous chemo. With seven children, this family is having several challenges. Some of them are staying in the Ronald McDonald House while the others are in a camper in the hospital parking lot. Mom is not able to work due to being full time caregiver. Dad was able to take an unpaid leave of absence for work to help with care but they recently found out that the place he worked is closing so he will be laid off at the beginning of December. In addition to their daughter’s cancer, their son will be having heart surgery in early December. Mom says that Christmas shopping is neither something she can think about right now nor afford. They are very thankful for help to allow the kids to have a good Christmas.


There is no need to purchase high ticket items or all the ideas listed on the wish list at the gym. Because we do not include the parents on the wish list, it would be great if we could include a grocery gift card so they can purchase a holiday meal and a gas card. The closest gas stations to the Ronald McDonald House are 76, Chevron, Shell. The closest grocery stores to the Ronald McDonald House are Metropolitan Market, Safeway, and QFC.

You can choose to wrap and tag gifts (but provide a list for parents of the contents) or provide wrapping paper and tags for the parents to wrap the gifts. If you choose to wrap the gifts, we ask that you don't include your names or company on the gift tags for privacy reasons. Many people choose to leave the "from" part blank and parents will sometimes fill this in.

We would like all of the gift purchasing to be completed between December 16th and 18th and dropped off at our FUELhouse donation box!

Please let me know if you have ANY questions throughout this time.

Thank you again for your support of Candlelighters and especially the support of the families receiving pediatric cancer treatment in Western Washington. Your thoughtfulness and generosity makes a big impact on these families and we appreciate all you do for them.

Posted on November 29, 2015 .