Member of The Month: We present the lovely Zoanna Jones...

Where can you be found outside of the gym? What do you do for a living? I work at Google in Fremont and spend my time corralling our couple of thousand interns. When I'm not at work or at FUELhouse, I'm probably at home either cooking, making a cocktail, watching football, or doing all three at the same time. 

How'd you find out about FUELhouse? I was going to a rival bootcamp in South Lake Union back in 2012 and when our trainer moved away, Molly adopted us. I've been following her around Fremont since then. 

What makes you commit to training even on days you don't feel like it? Remembering how good I feel after a really hard workout, and knowing that Molly will be bugging me to get back at it if I've been gone for too long. You don't find that kind of motivation at many other gyms.

What's your favorite movement/workout? I think I was doing kettlebell swings wrong for a while, but one day I shifted my grip and all the sudden they just made more sense, felt better, and now they're my favorite. 

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish at FUELhouse in the next year? How about in your personal life? At FUELhouse, a box jump. I am always scared that I am going to trip and break my face or knock my teeth out, so I always just do step-ups. In my personal life, I am hoping to buy a house in the next few months which is both exciting and terrifying.

Tell us a little known fact about yourself. I grew up on Orcas Island and spent my childhood on the water. I've been missing it a lot lately but just got my boater's license so I can take a boat out myself. Now I just need a boat... I'll be your DD? :)

What's the most delicious meal you've eaten recently ? I've been doing Blue Apron for the past few months, and my favorite recipe that I've made so far surprised me. It's Blackened chile-dusted chicken with zucchini rice, corn-tomato sauté and lime crema. So. Freakin. Good. And pretty healthy too!

What's your favorite thing about being a FUELhouse athlete? It's hard to pick just one reason, but since I started working out with Molly way back when, I've known that every class I show up for, I'll get a warm welcome AND an ass-whooping, both of which I truly appreciate. Also FUELhouse seems to draw a really awesome group of people, and it's been fun getting to know everyone.

We also need to know the name of your very first pet, and the name of the street you grew up on! I think I see where this is going, lol. But I was born into a family of pets, so take your pick -- cats were Mama Kitty and Freckles, dog was Winchester. Street name is Exton. 

Congrats, Zo (aka Winchester Exton). We love having you as part of our FUEL family.

Posted on November 6, 2015 and filed under Member Spotlight.