Get Punchy at FUELhouse with Cappy's Boxing!

Did you know that FUELhouse is an affiliate of Cappy's Boxing Gym?  We offer boxing class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays that are included in your FUELhouse membership. If you've never tried boxing before, we highly recommend you check it out. It's an awesome way to get your heart rate up and build strength whether you're a fitness veteran or are just getting started. 

Coach Margaret (who is, ahem, an amazing chocolatier in addition to being a kick-ass coach) sounds off on some of the benefits of boxing below! 

Sound effects optional: RELEASE YOUR STRESS
“I really need to punch something today!” Got you covered! Where else can you (safely and constructively!) express those built-up frustrations? Once you’ve mastered proper punch form, you’ll find incredible satisfaction in punching HARD. After intervals of intense punching, you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Not to mention confident and BAD ASS.

Focus, focus. focus: CLEAR YOUR MIND
“My mind didn’t wander back to work even once for the whole class!” It takes a lot of focus to put together the movements to deliver fast-paced combinations. This is your time to reconnect to your body. Feel how your foot pushes down to begin the punch, and how the power travels through the body until the punch snaps into the bag. Then take that clear mind back to work/school/home and get stuff done!

Strong, effective, efficient: TRAIN YOUR ENTIRE BODY
Punching is not just about the arms. An effective punch is generated from the feet up, engaging the whole body. Leg, abdominal and back strength are key, and yours will improve with each round. As an extra bonus, you’ll get stronger joints and bones. The impact you deliver through your punches returns to the body. As you get more skilled at absorbing this force, your joints stabilize and get stronger, and your bone density increases. But that’s not all you’ll get! How about better coordination, balance, agility and cardio endurance? How about jump rope, footwork, combinations, defensive moves, speed bag, focus mitts, agility ladder drills? Yep!

It’s becoming well known that exercise can improve your brain function (by increasing the actual volume of your brain!) Studies have also shown that combining movement with learning a new skill can significantly improve your memory. Win + win + win!

See you in the gym!

-Coach Margaret (Cappy’s Boxing Gym & Cappy’s at FUELhouse!)

Posted on December 10, 2015 and filed under House News.