Summertime is all about looking and feeling your best. But what are you doing to prepare yourself for summer? Have you ever set a goal only to find that you don’t know where to start, or to realize after a week that you are all alone or fell off plan because you weren’t prepared?

Summertime may be something you look forward to because it means beach, family, living outdoors, or vacation. For others, it can be a scary time, knowing we might actually have to fit into a bathing suit after a long winter. No matter what your attitude is, the fact is that summer is just around the corner. The FUEL 2015 Team Summertime Challenge is designed to help you get confident in your body, to improve your diet, and to increase your fitness so you can enjoy even more of what summertime is all about.

We all have goals, but too often we do not know where to start. Then, if we get started, we do not have the accountability to stick with it. Without a plan, our dreams become nothing more than good intentions.


Join us on Monday, May 4th and we’ll help you meet your goals. The FUEL 2015 Team Summertime Challenge gives you the community, accountability, and resources you need to make serious improvements to your health, diet, body, and performance. Make this summer the best season of your life.

This mission is inspired by the great minds behind the new book, Fat Loss Happens on Monday written by Josh Hillis and Dan John.  In a nutshell, our fat loss will begin on a Monday and if you follow our guidelines YOU WILL see and feel great results. The name of the book comes from prioritizing food so the most important actions for fat loss happen first in the week. The truth is the most important thing you can do for fat loss is buy the right food and prepare it on Sunday for later in the week. Starting the week with the most important job ensures it’s easier to follow the fat-loss system all the way through the week.

Fat Loss Happens on Monday

Our workouts are inspired but one of my favorite people on this earth, Jen Sinkler https://www.jensinkler.com/about-jen-sinkler/) and her crew from The Movement Minneapolis (Sidenote: Jen is coming to visit FUELhouse this September for a weekend workshop-you won’t want to miss. Excited is an understatement!). We will be implementing Jen’s Lift Weights Faster philosophy into our programming for our Summertime Challenge workouts.  Squats, deadlifts, pushes, pulls, core and rotation exercises are building blocks we can progress, but there are plenty of creative and worthwhile variations that will keep our workouts fun and engaging.

Jen Sinkler, Thrive

FUEL 2015 Summertime Challenge SCHEDULE

Begins, Monday May 4th- June 1st

The FUEL 2015 Team Summer Challenge is a 4-week food and lifestyle call to action that combines nutrition, fitness, and accountability for our FUEL community. We are approaching this realistically, with a target of losing 1-2.5lbs a week. If you have 4 pounds to lose GREAT! If you have 10 pounds to lose plan to extend your challenge (we won’t leave you in the dust- I promise).

You will see results, you will be challenged, IF you comply 100% and

take full responsibility for your actions and choices!


•   Unlimited access to all FUEL classes (attend up to a total of 5 classes/week)*

•   Each week you will be challenged with cycles of metabolic, endurance, and strength workouts

•   All tracking will take place on the Lose it! App under as a team at Lose it! (https://www.loseit.com/)

•   Throughout the Challenge you will also be tracking your daily diet, goals, trying new recipes, learning, interacting with the community, posting your status a minimum of 3 days/week on facebook/instagram with the following tags: #fuelsummertimechallenge, @fuelfitnessandnutrition, #fatlosshappensonmonday, #liftweightsfaster





Current FUEL members $45: bypass instructions below and send Molly email approving the member rate of $45 to be applied to your card on file for this Challenge! 

Non-Members $160 for 4-weeks:

•   Visit our Mindbodyonline online reservation and payment center where you can view our schedule, make reservations and sign up for programs.

•   Click on “New To Our Site?” if you are new to Mindbody OR login on the upper right hand corner under “Login”, and follow the prompts.

•   Go to “Online Store” and select “Products“. Here you will select “FUEL 2015 Team Summertime Challenge” and add to your cart.

•   Please make sure we are connected as friends on Facebook so you will be added into our Private Mission group.

After placing your purchase (following the instructions above) all you need to do to is send us an email at molly@thefuelplan.com with subject line: “I ACCEPT THE FUEL 2015 Team Summertime Challenge”. You will be given instructions on how to join our team online as we track our daily activity and food and more!

Posted on April 25, 2015 .