Success is peace of mind attained only through self satisfaction in knowing that you made the effort to do the best which you are capable of -John Wooden

For those of you who started your #fuelmission2015 in mid January… CONGRATULATIONS! Your MISSION is officially complete – not that you have to run right out and dive into a box of donuts, of course.  Whether it’s your first, second or tenth nutrition program with us, today’s post is for you – part homework and part sound-off.


My job, as your coach, is to inspire and educate all of you but in truth YOU have inspired ME. Having the opportunity to lead you on this mission has fully invigorated and rejuvenated me. Scrolling through your Instagram posts and seeing all of you STRONG mission-goers interact with and support each other has given me so much joy and motivation.  No joke.  So, before I wrap up the #fuelmission2015, I just want to take a moment to say a deeply heartfelt THANK YOU for participating and having the courage to show up and share your stories.


For those of you about to come off the program, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  These are just some of the stories we’ve received as of Friday last week:

“I can’t tell you how much more energy I have after these 4 weeks. Also seeing how much I killed my last benchmark test was amazing. And lastly I think I can finally say I’ve lost some weight. All around a complete success in my book” –Katie

“30 + whole has been a great journey. I lost 10.5lbs as of today. I feel great, more in control of how I eat. I feel strong from bootcamp and running and I feel thankful to have made new friendships and deepened others” –Laura

“What went well?  Surprisingly, the change in food. I thought it would be harder than it was. I thought it was impossible. Now I know it’s not and I’m very empowered by that. Having a group & support made this do-able for me. I would NEVER have gone this alone” –Deirdre

Share your results, your success stories, your obstacles, your journey.  Share your most valuable #fuelmission2015 tips and tricks and your most successful strategies for staying compliant with those who will come after you.  Most importantly – let us know you did it!  Sound off in the comments box below or email your story to or if you are so compelled give a shout out to the FUEL page here ( – and congratulations to all of you who completed the #fuelmission2015. We hope you continue to hang around here and on Facebook ( to inspire, encourage and motivate others on the program.


Keep posting on Instagram with #fuelmission2015 and tagging @fuelfitnessandnutrition.  I’ll be keeping up with your adventures daily.  I hope you’ll all do the same and keep the momentum going in this community.

Bottom line- I’m so very proud of all of you for committing to your health and fitness.

This doesn’t end. We just keep going as a fitness family.  Let’s succeed together. I need YOU just as much as you need me:) That’s how this whole “community” thing works.  Now we have a place to come together always, to keep us more accountable, to learn and put that knowledge into practice, and to track our progress.

The FUEL Mission is continuing to grow and impact more lives every day.  As our January Mission is winding down, you will start seeing some exciting news about the Summertime Challenge coming soon.  We know we have some amazing cooks, writers, coaches, and motivators in our midst, and we want to include you in the next challenge.  Do you have an amazing recipe, inspirational story, performance tip, or educational article that you would like to share with the community?  No idea is too small or too big.

Simply email us at to share your idea or ask further questions.  Finish strong, and thanks for making the #fuelmission2015 a success for everyone.


We love prizes and we LOVE our sponsors who love to give. Thank you to the following sponsors who donated prizes to our weekly winners:










As a health advocate, is it now your duty to encourage your friends, peers, and family to get on board with their fitness and nutrition.  We look forward to helping them when they are ready!

Posted on April 26, 2015 .