“The Scale Doesn’t Matter” by Ashley Boero

I want to share with you my before/after photos. I’m noticeably more tan in the second set because of my trip to Costa Rica last week, but what’s way more shocking is my body. I previously told Molly that I gained weight (which is true) but these pictures are proof that the scale doesn’t matter. I’m so happy!!

I had taken Molly’s classes a few times and always loved her coaching style, but was a true believer after participating in her 2015 Fuel Mission. For five weeks, I received fitness training, nutritional guidance and encouragement from Molly. The workouts were intense, but surprisingly fun and I was shocked to see how much my body changed in such a short time.

Molly is a true coach and cares about each person she works with and their personal success. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach and Molly embraces that in her training. The nutritional education I received truly changed my life. I realized that I’ve been thinking about food and dieting the wrong way my entire life. If you’re like I was and think reduced-fat wheat thins or a sugar-free vanilla latte are healthy snack options, then you need to enlist Molly’s guidance!

In addition to Molly’s knowledge about health and fitness, she introduces her clients to her elite circle of expert friends. We were lucky to work with

Whitney of Macks Mo who provided us with an invaluable food education and recipes that I will cook forever! I was surprised that I was never hungry on this challenge – and never felt deprived. Both Molly and Whitney are believers in treating yourself and living a happy well-balanced life – which is a good thing for my sweet tooth!

A true testament to Molly’s greatness is meeting all of her clients. It’s the nicest group of encouraging and supportive people- a true network of happy people who want to live a happy, healthy life.

- Ashley B, #fuelmission2015 participant

Posted on June 1, 2015 and filed under Member Spotlight, Testimonial.