ROCK, ROLL, CRAWL & SWING for better living...and sex.

rock roll crawl

I feel like I’m late to the game.  At 39 (now I’m 41), I had just started understanding the benefits of rocking, rolling, crawling, and swinging.  For the past couple years I’ve been hearing about the importance and benefits of trying to re-pattern our movements to mimic how we once moved as babies.  Remember when your ass used to touch your heels in a squat or kneeling like in “child’s pose”? No? Well me neither. I think I skipped that entire stage.  I look like an Ostrich when trying to sit on my heels.  Butt high in the sky.  Dear me.  And, this is how I’ve been since I can’t even remember. 

I was a wanna-be-athlete from a very young age. I learned to snow ski when I was 3, played soccer all through middle and junior high, softball up to High School and waterskied in the summer..  I played hard. I was a good athlete but let’s be really honest here there was never a scholarship in my future.  During my athletic years I had 3 knee surgeries before I graduated from High School.  1 ACL reconstruction and 2 meniscus repairs. The “toughest and hardest” worker sure managed to ‘eff up her body at a young age, especially her knees.

Mom/Dad don’t read this paragraph.

I have had my share of injuries.  Mainly knee injuries.  I’ve been terrible about “learning” my knees and pre-habbing my body for normal, comfortable moving in everyday life AND in the sheets.  I’m not kidding. It sucks being 35, unable to be in the “Cowgirl” position because “my knees hurt”.  No bueno. 

Wake up Molly.  What you’re doing is not working.  Obviously.

Enter the kettlebell.  And enter my buddy, my peer, my mentor, Jeff Sokol.  Jeff and I worked together in 2014.  If you know me you know Jeff.  I was inspired to learn and move like Jeff.  He wouldn’t shut up about kettlebells. So, one day I hired him to be my coach.  He taught me Primal Moves, arm bars, rocking, crawling, prying, bottoms up get ups, get downs, goblet squats and cool new mobility tricks. I hired Jeff to help me pass my Strong First L1 Kettlebell Certification.  GUESS WHAT I LEARNED IN THE PROCESS?  That I could strengthen, move better than ever before and discover a new love for something that didn’t screw up my body. Oh, did I mention that I had another meniscus tear before we started and still managed to train and pass my SFG cert?  Yup, this little iron piece of awesomeness was my new best friend. And still is. It’s a rehab, strength and cardiovascular tool all in one.


Now, I spend almost 20-30 minutes a day on prehab movements before I begin any workout.  And guess what, that “Cowgirl” position I mentioned biggie. I actually enjoy it now.  And the Ostrich is now a real Child’s pose!  So, what have I added to the mix? I now blend Primal Moves with Original Strength and a mini version of Dan John’s Tonic mobility before every KB workout. We also do these movements in all of our FUELhouse classes.  I’m training for my Strength Matters KB Cert that’s in one week and I feel stronger, leaner and most importantly more mobile and fluid than ever before.  Next goal is my SFG II in October 2016.  My squat is deeper than it’s been since junior high. I’m not joking.  At minimum, I’ve dedicated the last 45 days to rocking, rolling, crawling, and nodding for my mobility/pre-hab work and I’m seeing amazing changes in my body. I haven’t put down a bell in over 2 years and I don’t plan to stop.  I feel good, I feel fluid, I feel strong and I feel my best at 41 than at any other age.

My point. Start ROCKING, ROLLING, CRAWLING and SWINGING.  It’s been my ticket to reversing MY aging process.  I’m happier, healthier and stronger for everyday life...especially in the sheets.  

Want to talk more? 

I love to geek out on this stuff. You can reach me at or better yet, join us in class where we’ll practice all of these movements together.

If you want to learn more about kettlebells from one of the best you should join us on February 28th for our 8 hour kettlebell workshop with Mark Reifkind!

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