We lift eachother up

Resolution: Pull-up Program Recap

We called this thing a sisterhood. And we lived up to it. We realized that we are, in fact, stronger together. 

Resolution: Pull-Up was an 8-week program geared toward women who wanted to achieve their first pull-up. If you've ever attempted a strict pull-up, you know that this is no easy feat! The scientific, body composition, weight-to-strength ratio is typically stacked against women. But that totally didn't account for the amount of badassery packed into this group. 

Ana, Colleen, Judy, Emily, Sue, Laurie, Molly, Heather, Rachel and Ann...you made this thing awesome and I love you all SO much!

These guys ROCKED. Let me count the ways...

  • Every woman that came in with a maximum hollow hold hang time of less than a minute walked out with 1 min+

  • Every woman with a hang time of 1 min+ walked out with 2 min+

  • We collectively increased hang time by 150%

  • Half of the group achieved their first pull-up ever

  • Every single person left with MUCH better form on the bar

  • 100% of people now know a fabulous new cheer taught to the group by Sue


We used the following progression:

  1. Learn the rules: Develop proper technique while hanging from the bar. Keep your shoulders packed, look up, abs and ass on FIRE!

  2. Break the rules: PLAY! Try to let go with one hand, travel back and forth, flip upside down, hang from weird things.

  3. Get a grip: We took a look at each individual's available pronation/supination to find the best pull-up grip for their bod.

  4. Self-Assist: There are several ways to give yourself a boost without the dreaded bands! Aussie bar mania!

  5. Partner-Assist: This is where the fun happened. We literally lifted each other up and it was unbelievably powerful!

  6. Negatives: We started at the top and lowered with as much control as we could muster.

  7. Pull-ups: WOO HOO! Keep your eyes on the prize!


Stay tuned for Pull-ups part 2 coming May 2016!

My fave quotes from the group...

I learned what an enormous boon it is to have a cadre of positive and genuine women surround me from the start. I learned that it takes many mundane steps, repeated over and over and over again to get to the point that you can easily, no big thang, pull UP! I have learned that I am STRONGER than I thought.
— Rachel
Before this class I couldn’t even do scap pulls. I feel much stronger. AND my 13 yr old uses the pull-up bar all the time. Yay!
— Sue
Consistency breeds sucessful results. My ladies give me strength.
— Molly
‘Open play’ is a very effective way of strengthening without actually thinking it’s work.
— Judy
If you keep it up, you can show growth!
— Emily
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