Onnit Academy: weekend recap & our fave movement

We hosted the Onnit Academy this past weekend and were blessed to learn from one of our industry's very best, John Wolf.  John's main message is about longevity.  He encouraged our group to look at our own life as if it were a sport.  If life were our sport then how can we best train ourselves now to become more highly responsive to what life throws in our direction?  How can we train to be fluid movers with the ability to adapt quickly to the changing variables that we face day in and day out?  

The answer: Train in and around the fundamental movement patterns of the squat, hinge, push, pull!  Does this sound familiar?  It should if you're a member at the HOUSE.  This is the foundation behind our programming and it's plastered all over our walls. By "nailing" these primal movement patterns first we are setting ourselves up for success when wanting to introduce more unconventional movements to our repertoire of training at the HOUSE like the Steel Mace Lap Squat with Ballistic Toss seen here with our lovely member, Nicole.

To start the Lap Squat Steel Mace Exercise, begin by holding the steel mace in an over/under grip, pull it strong to your sternum. Keep the shoulders down and pulled back, with core engaged and ribs down. Work to keep your tailbone tilted back slightly in, but no excessive hyperextension. Squat until just before the bar touches your thighs. Return to standing as you transfer your hand position to the other side. Bar stays pulled to sternum, hands at elbow height throughout the entire movement while maintaining a vertical spinal alignment.

For the month of May we will be building on our mace exercises every Friday in class either as a warmup or conditioning movement. Let's have fun!


Posted on May 20, 2016 and filed under House News, Events.