Tactical Strength Challenge: love from your coaches

Hello tribe! The chalk dust has finally settled from TSC and we, your coaches, want to say a few things. Spoiler alert: we really, really love you! 

A HUGE thanks to Ashley Felts & Joe Costa for taking awesome pics! For full albums, click here & here!

From Coach Molly –

Where do I even start?

I should start by thanking our participants and coaches. Really its just too hard to put the Tactical Strength Challenge experience into words unless you were there. And, I really hope you plan to be there this October. I'm not kidding. Anyone can do this. Anyone. And that is what we saw on April 23rd 2016.  All shapes, ages, sizes, and athletic abilities. Two people showed up who had never snatched a kettlebell but man you should had seen their deadlift.  And that's just the point. Our strengths show in all forms and through all types of movement. I can tell you right now it doesn't matter what you can do 2 years to 12 weeks out.  All that matters is that you show up, try your best, live the experience, feel the camaraderie and fucking love from your mates and then grab a brew afterward. There is no feeling like what I felt as a coach on April 23rd. I am grinning so big as I type this. Its just that amazing. For realz.

So, I hope you take a moment now to scroll through our recap of our day together at this link and consider training with us this Fall as we prep for the next TSC in October at FUELhouse.  

Thank you Coaches and participants for your support. I can't tell you how much this experience has meant to me. I'm still beaming. 

In case you're new to the HOUSE, (welcome!) and maybe I should quickly point you in the direction of the Tactical Strength Challenge and what its all about so you can get prepared to work with us in the Fall as a team!

You guys rock my world. 

From Coach Meg –

It was so rewarding to be able to play a role in preparing our athletes for the Tactical Strength Challenge this time around. From the moment we began talking about it last fall, to the day we decided to test the inaugural TSC prep class, to the day of TSC itself, our FUELhouse people were excited, dedicated, and determined despite the fact that most of them were newer to the tested movements and the idea of competition. They blew my expectations out of the water! Every single person set at least one new personal best in the deadlift, pull-up/hang, or snatch. It was inspiring watching those who gamely stepped up to try something they'd never had the courage to attempt - and to do it with dozens of people watching, on a time deadline, and to proceed to crush it - I get chills just thinking about it! 

I love the opportunity that TSC represents - that people of all ages, shapes, and experience levels can come together to test the limits of their capabilities in a fun, inspiring atmosphere that's simultaneously relaxed and charged with excitement. I love seeing people jump up and down, cheering for their friends to complete a deadlift that was previously beyond their reach. As a coach, I love refusing to tell my people what's on the bar for their 3rd attempt, then seeing their faces when I tell them that they set a new personal best (hah)! I love the sweaty hugs and high fives after the 5 minute snatch test. I love the grit of a max effort flexed arm hang. 

Thank you, athletes of FUELhouse (and friends from around the city) for letting  me be witness to this again. I can't wait to train and compete alongside you in the fall! 

From Coach Tess –

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Holy shit what a day! You blew my mind...so much that it came out of my tear ducts. I am so proud of your work during the weeks leading up to the event. As much as I'm elated about the day itself, I'm a thousand times more excited about the immense effort you put in leading up to it. You earned every ounce of your PRs.

I am (no surprise) impressed with the way you all held yourselves up, pulled your weight and found breath in the uncomfortable. It speaks to your character and the way you show up in the world. It's damn impressive. 

And the way you lifted each other up. Thank you for being such a rock solid community. The way you came together, supported each other, cheered, hi-5ed, congratulated and celebrated your tribe blew me away. It was a powerful reminder that we are truly #strongertogether. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!

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