• 10-week Training Cycle Template
  • Dates: Monday, Jan 30th - Friday, April 7th
  • Tactical Strength Challenge: Saturday, April 8th
  • Transition Week: Will be the following week, starting April 10th and then we will launch our next 12-week cycle's focus

Since the beginning of FUELhouse we have executed intentional class programming.  We believe our weekly rotations of SQUAT/CARRY, PUSH, HINGE, PULL, and PRESS has catered well to our membership and their schedules.  For us Coaches, this cycle has allowed us to follow a general template with the ability for each of us to showcase our individual craft and creativity around movement.  This will never change.  Sweating while having FUN will ALWAYS remain at the forefront of our programming.  We will always make time for crawling to Ginuwine's "Pony" or explode in song when a rest interval becomes a gym-wide breakout to Bohemian Rhapsody.  


We want you to be healthy and happy.  That’s why we offer programs that makes sense.  We deliver a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to fitness that will help you develop the following: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We’ve structured our group class schedule for someone who plans on attending at least 5 times a week offering the perfect balance between strength and conditioning to reap the greatest benefits to make you STRONGER. LEANER. BETTER...and SEXIER;)  

If you want the best return for the amount you put in, then most of your time should not be spent on a treadmill.  Our prescription to success: Lift weights 3x/week, get metabolic up to 30min 2x/week, incorporate yoga/active rest/walking and follow a well balanced, portion controlled, nutritional plan. Remember nutrition is a critical component to any successful fitness program.  Like many of our success stories, we encourage you to turn to Meg for her expertise to help you pursue your strength, performance, and aesthetic goals!


In classes, we will continue to cater to our members who have the primary goal of feeling and looking better while getting stronger and better at life and who come to class anywhere from two to five times per week. Quantifiable, long-term improvements in general fitness are the ultimate goal for most of our members, rather than performance in a specific competitive event.  


With more and more of our members becoming interested in training for a specific event, "ahem" TACTICAL STRENGTH CHALLENGE and/or for specific STRENGTH goals we will begin to offer a more pre-set and progressive strength schedule in addition to our regular class format so that each STRENGTH exposure builds upon previous efforts for those who are interested in seeing their progress and improvement in a specific lift.  This will provide a consistent schedule which will allow certain members to target their training more effectively, as they will know which days they need to show up to in order to advance particular lifts.


If you've gotten this far congrats! Just a little more info. In one class you will see leveled programming so beginners/intermediate members can work on general complexes and advanced trainees can perform percentage or max effort lifts.  You will see two options on our whiteboard when you come to class on Wed and Fri, "FITTER" and "STRONGER".  

Our “FITTER” programming will offer exercises that allow members to push their conditioning hard without having to figure out a complex skill at the same time.  OUR "STRONGER" programming will offer a dedicated periodized strength schedule for the focus of that cycle, meaning your sets, rep scheme, and percentages will change each week with the goal of peaking your strength at the end of the cycle. (HINGE/PRESS/SQUAT).  Assistance exercises, metabolic conditioning, and skill will continue to work around each focus of the day! As usual, you will ALWAYS have the option to complete strength work on W/F with kettlebells or dumbbells if it feels better for your bod or if you're just not feeling up to lifting heavy on a given day.

And it goes without saying that our #1 focus, regardless of your overall goal, is to make sure you're performing movements safely and with proper form before attempting to add weight to your lifts.

Keep in mind that while this new approach will give you the opportunity to pursue more specific goals, we are still working within a general class setting and need to respect the time format of group sessions and the needs of the gym. If you have goals that are more individual or specific, keep an eye out for upcoming SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING TRIBES that may make even more sense for you, or ask us about pursuing 1:1 programming or coaching.

For the next 10 weeks, starting Monday, January 30th, we are launching the programming cycle below.  In the perfect world we will see YOU 5x/week!  

  • MONDAY: SnowStrong (Squat/Carry/Single Leg focus) Seasonal training class
  • TUESDAY: Kettlebell Conditioning, Boxing Fitness, Barbell Foundations
  • WEDNESDAY: HINGE (Barbell) + TSC focused program
  • THURSDAY: Kettlebell Conditioning and Boxing Fitness
  • FRIDAY: PRESS/PUSH (Barbell)
  • SATURDAY: Gym Class Heros, Kettlebell Foundations, Barbell Foundations
  • SUNDAY: Kettlebell Conditioning and Yoga