Are you looking to get a jumpstart on your fitness for 2017 or are you ready to take your training to the next level?  

If you lack a specific goal, the time you spend training may easily become a collection of random acts.  It’s so common for those of us pursuing a life of health and fitness to fall off the wagon from time to time. We get it and we want to help.  

Are you looking to make a change or a total transformation, of your body, of your behaviors, and all the things affected by your fitness (like your love life, sleep cycles, energy, overall happiness)?  Knowing how hard it is to start or even re-start a fitness training program, we want to offer you the easiest approach to begin making fitness a core part of your life and start seeing the results you've been so longing for.

If you're ready to turn yourself around (again) keep reading. If you're already kicking ass and taking names in your fitness journey then you can stop here and forward this to a buddy.


If you're not sure where to start we can help.  First thing is helping you find your WHY!  Your WHY is your underlying reason you have for pursuing fitness in the first place.  We often start pursuing fitness with a specific aesthetic goal: to lose ten pounds, to lower blood pressure, to get stronger, to have more energy, etc. While these reasons are totally awesome we are here to encourage you to dig deeper and consider training for a more specific goal like training for your to be (or just move and look like) a Kettlebell Instructor or committing to getting stronger and resilient using Barbells.

If you are serious about changing your body and making your fitness goals a reality, our Training Tribes are designed to jump-start your health and awesomeness. For a minimum of 2 months you will form together with a dedicated group of humans through progressively more challenging sessions that will take you to new heights in your fitness journey.

Training Tribes are open to both FUELhouse Members and non-Members. Members have the option to put their membership on hold while participating in a Training Tribe session.

We have two Training Tribes kicking off the week of February 20th, Project STRONG with Coach Meg and Hardstyle Human with Coach Sokol.  Only 16 spots are open!  If you want to learn more please CLICK HERE!