Let's Rock!

Rocking is movement that renews all the major joints of the body. 

1. Rocking connects the shoulders to the hips. It teaches them to cooperate. When the shoulders move into flexion, the hips do too. When the shoulders move into extension, so do the hips. This is foundational for the gait pattern as opposite limbs not only move together when we walk or run, they mirror each other; at least they should. Rocking connects and coordinates our opposing limbs.

2. Rocking restores our posture. To move well and remove any limitations from our body, we need to have optimal, reflexive posture. When we rock, we reestablish or reaffirm the cervical curve and the lumbar curve in our spine. Having said that, if you rock, please hold your head up! Unless of course you are looking for lost contacts or money on the floor. Otherwise, your head should be up and level with the horizon.  

3. Rocking integrates all our joints together; it makes the body “whole” and doesn’t isolate it into parts and pieces. It helps mobilize the toes, feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck and wrists. Want to restore immobile ankles? Rock. Want to recover from hip or knee surgery? Rock. Want to heal angry shoulders? Rock. Rocking teaches the brain how to hold, or stabilize, the joints, while the body moves.

4. Rocking activates the vestibular system in a linear, forward and back, motion. This activation helps feed the brain information about where the body is and what all the parts of the body are doing. This forward and back motion also soothes the brain; the mind and emotions. It can calm you down. It can allow you to enter into a more restful state. 

5. Rocking helps keep the back happy.  Rocking can help soothe back pain and even chase it away until it becomes a rare occurrence. For back discomfort, rocking is the number one “go to.” Who wouldn’t want to be able to rock throughout their life if it would help with back pain?


Join us at the Original Strength Pressing RESET Workshop in Seattle, WA at FUELhouse Gym, Saturday, November 4th, 2017.  We will teach you how to restore and rebuild your Original Strength by relearning the foundation of your strength. The OS Pressing RESET Workshop is intended for any breathing human being. In this workshop you will learn how the human body (your body) is capable of remembering the way it was created to move.  No matter your age, health, physical condition.

Posted on October 1, 2017 .