PULL-UP CLINIC: Wednesday, Feb. 22nd 6-8pm

Whether you're just starting your pull-up journey or want to tighten up technique, this workshop will cover proven progressions to pull-up badassery. This is especially beneficial for those who are registered to participate in our Tactical Strength Challenge on April 8th!

For many, sticking their first pull-up seems an insurmountable task. The problem is rarely the athlete, and almost always the process.In this clinic you can expect to get a grasp of this process. Regardless of sex or age, a pull-up is well within the realm of possibility, and a cornerstone of strength-building.

- Which grip works best for your particular body, and why
- How to "bullitproof" your shoulders
- Proven progressions for pull-up success, a 4-step non-process
- Shoulder anatomy for athletes

MEMBERS: $20 (Please inquire at info@fuelhousegym.com for your discount code)

My mantra — Move intelligently, practically & playfully. For life.

INTELLIGENTLY — Movement is both art and science. You MUST move in ways that work for your unique body, paying close attention to your patterns, respecting progressions and building strength.

PRACTICALLY — Are you a corporate rockstar? Are you your kids' monkey bar hero? Are you a badass triathlete? How can your training help you do that better for longer?

PLAYFULLY — As adults, we've forgotten how to play. The best comment I've ever heard in class was from a women who beamed "I've never done a cartwheel like that before!" It's about re-discovering the joy and curiosity that we left on the playground.

Posted on February 12, 2017 .