"I'm not in the business of creating six packs and feeding egos. Six packs are the by-product!  My purpose on this planet is to build a stronger, happier, and healthier human race."- Jeff Sokol

Having something to reach for is necessary for success and progress.  

Do you have a performance-related goal?  Have you thought often about training for a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification course, your first pull-up, or competing in a fitness competition?

If so, what actions are you taking every day to get closer to achieving your goal? And have you examined why are you even striving for that goal in the first place?

Are you looking to “win,” get recognition, or “be the best”? Or are you looking for growth, learning, and mastery? In our world, it’s easy to focus on performance aspect (sets, reps, loads, percentages, etc.) and forget about the process and what can be learned along the way. -Chris Abbott, SFGI

If you are looking for a program to follow—something to give purpose to your training, then we've believe you have come to the right place.  Whether you are a student of a trainer or a trainer wanting to build on your practice, we have developed our newest program, HARDSTYLE HUMAN, just for you.  

In the process of training, like so many of our students, we found our purpose.  We designed this program to help you find yours. Read the testimonials and learn more about Coach Sokol's students of strength HERE

Posted on February 2, 2017 .