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FUELhouse Gym - Seattle, WA

  • Job Description: Coach
  • Title: Trainer/Coach
  • Job Type: Part-time and Substitution openings
  • Location: 1320 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
  • Start Date: Immediately
  • Application Deadline: Ongoing            

FUELhouse Gym is looking for a part-time team member to coach multiple group classes, conduct private and semi-private training sessions, and be available for class substitution.  Classes include general strength and conditioning, kettlebells, and sport specific classes.  All FH coaches help develop member relations, and assist in management of gym operations. The team member’s duties and responsibilities will grow and evolve with the needs of the business - making him/her integral to the success of the community.

At FH our mission is to train, educate, and motivate our members to improve their health, fitness, and quality of life. Our community is built on the values of trust, integrity, passion, intelligence, excellence, dependability, and commitment. We are dedicated to building a community of fitness through exercise, proper nutrition, and functional movement.                        

This job description has been created in order to help applicants understand the nature of the position and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

Right now we are looking for:

  1. Part-time Coach to lead 6-8 coaching hours/week for am and pm shifts with potential for more opportunities as we grow together.
  2. SUBS!!! A strong Sub list is so important.  Strong Subs are highly respected at the HOUSE. You are like first responders in last minute situations.

If you are interested in joining an amazing family of staff and community of members, KEEP READING!

FUELhouse Gym has grown since launching in 2015.  FUELhouse only attains these achievements and grows because of an amazing coaching team and membership. Unlike most contractor “jobs,” we work to help you make this a life-long­ career.  We promote our contractors as we help them develop their niche in this industry.  We bring you onto our team, we support you, we want you to be successful in our fitness collective.  You become a part of our family- you have to or else it just won’t work.

The Core Values of our community are:

  1. Community – We are dedicated to creating a supportive and safe environment where people are challenged by friends, not strangers.
  2. Empowerment – We strive to ignite a sense of strength, determination and success that contributes to a higher quality of life for others and ourselves.
  3. Respect – We want to inspire those around us by having an unbiased respect for the rights, values, beliefs and property of everyone. Simply put, we earn respect by respecting all others.
  4. Transparency – We promise to be real, honest and always up-front.  What you see is what you get.
  5. Fun – We will never take ourselves too seriously. We train because we love to train, and we love the people who train with us. Yes, we will always make our time together effective, results-driven, and emotionally and physically rewarding—but we will also keep it fun!

We are committed to our vision of creating the Best Fitness Community!


Job Title: Coach

Description: The primary duties of this position includes coaching, personal training programming, participating in gym events, management of the membership roster, and staff leadership.

Compensation and Benefits: Compensation will come in many forms. A competitive hourly class salary will be implemented with previous experience and knowledge taken into consideration. Applicant will have added increased potential for additional revenue from personal training split, specialty areas, and profit sharing opportunities, depending on the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic of the applicant. All part-time/full-time positions receive:

  • Free Gym Membership for significant other
  • 20% off Retail and Supplements
  • Stipends, often 100% off for professional certifications hosted at FH and with partners
  • Large potential for growth within the company with the opportunity to personal train individuals, small groups, and lead workshops and much more


  • Pushes FUELhouse ever forward toward its mission/core values, goals, and performance benchmarks            
  • Undyingly pursues excellence with the health and happiness of the members in mind
  • Meets with managers to plan and discuss updates on community, growth, and personal/professional development                
  • Attends paid scheduled monthly staff meeting to discuss week’s events, any significant changes, feedback, class structure, and membership changes
  • Fulfill coaching expectations and opening/closing gym responsibilities
  • Answers walk-in questions and inform prospective members
  • Respond to all phone and email inquiries in the set response time        
  • Encourage participation in community events
  • Assist in organization and execution of community events
  • Communicate class feedback and findings to owners for further business improvement
  • Stimulate social media interaction that aligns with our team values and vision

YOU in a nutshell:

  • You are GREAT with people.  As any seasoned coach or trainer knows, a huge part of this business requires the social fluency to deal with a vast spectrum of people on a daily basis.
  • You know how to CHECK yourself. You have the maturity to be professional and work well with a variety of personalities. You realize that we are in the service industry, and the success and reputation of YOU and OUR gym depends on having a staff that honestly cares about the people they're working with.  In other words, individuals who are condescending, impatient, and create drama in our gym will be avoided at all costs (this includes members).  
  • You’re a team player.  You’re open to helping and learning along side your peers.  You don’t place your own interests and biases above the greater common goal of helping run a great fitness HOUSE. As a team player you realize that by serving our community of members that you are enabling the business owner, Molly, more time to spend working on tasks that help grow and develop YOU and our business such as marketing, sales and systemizing standard operating procedures.  You’re basically awesome and want to be here.

Position Details:

  • We are looking to fill 6-8 weekly class coaching hours (these hours will most likely increase overtime) that target:
    • Bodyweight: Full-body strength training, jumping and agility drills, and balance movements

    • Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning

    • Barbell Strength & Conditioning

  • In a perfect world your background is in two of the target focuses mentioned above
  • You are available to coach early morning shifts and/or evening and be available for subbing other classes
  • Personal and semi-private training is allowed and strongly encouraged. As a contractor we provide two options on how you are compensated.  We promote you, your services on our website and via all social channels.  We want you to be successful.
  • We understand, as an independant contractor, that you may be working elsewhere to make a living.  We get that and we support that.  Of course, overtime, if the love is mutual you’ll be with us on a more full-time basis.

Recognized/Preferred Qualifications & Requirements:    

  • Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor Certification
  • Barbell Certification
  • NSCA, NASM, or certifications and trainings that benefit this position
  • CrossFit L-1                      
  • Current CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications (or able to obtain within two months of hire)    
  • Knowledge of strength and conditioning, weightlifting, bodyweight movements, mobility, and nutrition
  • Effective presentation and listening skills
  • Ability to communicate and adapt to member's needs
  • Superior ability to establish relationships and confidence with members
  • Able to lift 45 pounds over head            

Preferred Experience, Education, and Certifications:                         

  • Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s preferred but not required
  • 1+ year(s) of coaching experience
  • One year of personal training and program design experience
  • Displays mastery in human movement, points of performance, and execution
  • Deeply understands the concepts of Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Additional Fitness/Nutrition Certifications a plus
  • Sales/Customer Service experience is a Plus
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, including making and utilizing spreadsheets and reports, is desired along with a high level of writing and communication skills


A 30-day paid “Evaluation” period will take place prior to being offered a position. This is implemented for two reasons; To give FUELhouse a feel for how the new coach will perform in a variety of daily duties and tasks. More importantly, this period provides the new coach a chance to experience how the FH community is structured. This will be accomplished through both assisting and leading classes, gaining familiarity with the member management software, developing customer service skills, learning sales techniques, and more.    

Application Instructions: Email cover letter and resume to molly@fuelhousegym.com

Cover letter should address the following:

  • Why you are seeking a coaching position at FUELhouse
  • Your coaching experience
  • Why would students want you as a Coach
  • Your philosophy on fitness and athlete development
  • Your background including, but not limited to: personal, education, profession, sports, and fitness
  • Do you like dogs?
  • What are your top 3 favorite workout songs right now?
  • If you like to read what are your top 3 books your have or are currently reading?
  • Anything else we should know?


Posted on March 12, 2017 .