Women bond through strength at FUELhouse gym in Fremont

Seattle gym owner Molly Kieland believes women are stronger together, figuratively and literally.

"It's been cool to see how we as women bond through strength, and make that the (gym’s) focus,” she said.

Kieland opened FUELhouse in the Fremont neighborhood after spending 15 years working as a trainer in other gyms.

"What has changed is being exposed to seeing, over time, more female owners," she said.

She took a leap of faith and opened her own space two years ago.

FUELhouse's layout and training philosophy reflect everything Kieland prizes: a wide-open floor plan where people can modify and do their own thing. She doesn’t allow intimidation. But she does allow dogs.

"’House’ being a part of our name, that's how I want it to feel the minute you walk in the door,” she said.

The gym is co-ed, but a majority of her clients are women.

Kieland wants FUELhouse to be a metaphor for life: building strength, by building up one other.

“My fuel is the people” she said.

FUELhouse is located on North 35th Street.

This story was produced as part King 5 Evening's Women Who Inspire special.