Welcome Coach Tiff

Any business is only as good as its people and choosing and working well with good people is truly the only leadership decision that really matters.  Here at the HOUSE, our mission is to prioritize goodness in ourselves, our team, and in our community.  My goal is to create a lasting culture with tremendous value.

Integrity, compassion, good values, generosity, gratitude, profound kindness, sincerity, intelligence, excellence, professionalism are just a few of the words that come to mind when someone asks me to describe our team of Coaches.  I look up to the people I work with. I learn from them daily.  

I truly feel blessed to be working with such amazing humans and I'm very excited to announce our latest addition to our family of coaches, Tiffany Kelley.  

Tiff will be starting out with us on Monday and Wednesday mornings!


My absolute favorite thing about being a coach is giving people the gift of empowerment and confidence. 

I am a true believer that physical strength transfers into mental and emotional strength and gives us the ability to tackle anything that life throws at us.  I want everyone; no matter their background, circumstances, or current fitness level, to feel comfortable and welcome stepping into the gym.  

I went to Northern Michigan University where I got my Bachelor's in Exercise Science, played basketball, and threw shot put, discus, and javelin.  After college I played one year of professional basketball in Germany and since then my love for fitness and performance has led me to work at a various schools and gyms.  I have gained knowledge and experience as a Sports Performance Coach, Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Rehab Assistant, Personal Trainer, and Gym Owner. I have also received a Master's in Exercise Science and take great pride in being a life-long student. 

Throughout my life, I have had so many amazing coaches and mentors that have positively impacted me and taught me powerful lessons.  They have left such a strong impact that it has given me a desire to be a coach and mentor myself and give back.  My mission is to inspire, empower, and change people's lives!

I currently live in Belltown with my wife Julie, dog Charlie, and cat Cooper. I love cooking (especially breakfast), traveling, hiking, doing pull ups, and juggling kettlebells. 


  • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist 
  • NASE - Certified Speed Specialist
Posted on June 13, 2017 .