If you’ve found yourself on this page, we bet you’re looking for a change. You may even be looking for a total transformation, of your body, of your behaviors, and all the things affected by your fitness – dating, energy levels, confidence, and more.

This CHALLENGE may not be the right solution for you. It’s not for everyone.

But if you’re here and still reading, we'd be happy to share a bit more about what this 6-Week Challenge is all about so you make the right decision for you.

The Challenge is $37 for FH members. We are providing the guidelines and you are in charge of owning your 6-Week actions! It's really that simple and straight forward.

We are asking people to commit to consistency, healthy eating and being accountable and responsible for their actions!

The Challenge is built around consistent training, mindfulness, and healthy eating. You will eat real food—no crash diets or MLM gimmicks. It’s hard work. It’s a commitment. But you won’t be alone. You’ll be amply supported by your Challenge teammates and our FH crew, all of whom are on deck to help you every step of the way.

We will work to help you meet your goals.

We’ve got you covered with all the following for only $37:

  • Kickoff Meeting on Saturday, Sept 9th at 10:30am! SIGN UP HERE
  • Body Spec Measurements week of Sept 11th.  SIGN UP HERE
  • Challenge forum for all communications
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Weekly Attendance Tracker
  • Optional Progress Picture contest – winner gets a cool prize!
  • Finale Party, a time dedicated to celebrating the success of all the participants who worked their butts off for six weeks!

The Basics:

  • To be successful you will be encouraged:
  • To attend a min. of 4 classes a week
  • To eat within our healthy guidelines, log your meals and evaluate your habits on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Commit to 6-weeks and prioritize your workouts and food

You will be supported and held accountable for everything by the FH team and your fellow Challengers via members-only forum.

At our kickoff meeting on September 9th at 10:30am, all Challenge information, expectations for participation and handouts will be provided and explained. We will also be taking before pictures at our kickoff meeting and encouraging everyone to find an accountability buddy. Goals for the group will be discussed, and questions answered. If you are READY to take on the Challenge – this meeting is where you will start!

We will take our BEFORE pictures on the first day of the Challenge at our 6-Week Challenge Kickoff Meeting – make sure to bring training clothes, short and/or spandex pants, and if you are a lady, please wear an athletic sports bra.

During the challenge, we will encourage Challengers to log their weight, food, and habits. “After” pictures and measurements will be taken the last week of the Challenge.

Again, this isn’t for everyone. This program works best when you are ready to go all-in and create some SERIOUS CHANGE.

In addition to the classes, FUELers get serious about nutrition and cooking, they read educational emails, and they often add on extra training sessions. In short… they work their bunz off!

Remember, there are no shortcuts here. Just smart training and nutrition executed consistently with the support of a like-minded community.


Accept and acknowledge that you are responsible for your actions at all times. We ask that you show up ready to learn, ready to be coached, and ready to prioritize your life for the next 6-weeks and beyond. We are here to coach and support your journey and we're pumped you are doing this with us. You must be mentally ready and show up with a non-skeptical, positive, open mind, ready to try new things and motivated to make positive changes. If you are at all on the fence then we recommend holding off and participating at a later date.

If we detect any toxicity or negativity, that has a direct effect on our Tribe of Challengers and/Coaches, you will approached by a manager and immediately removed from the group. No joke- we don't take this lightly. We protect our people.


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Posted on August 22, 2017 .