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Photo Cred: Takao Suzuki

Photo Cred: Takao Suzuki

I often get asked what I eat throughout the day. Here is a little snapshot of a typical day for me. I am a creature of habit when it comes to food and most of what I eat each day, except for dinner, is the same.  If I am running higher volume I will eat greater amounts of all the same stuff.

I start my day with 2 cups of black coffee after a glass of water. I don’t feel like eating right away so my breakfast is usually around 9am, about 3 hours after I get up. I am often able to cook breakfast at home. If I’m going to be out and about, I cook it at home and take it in a container with me. If I’m running in the morning, I usually run on an empty stomach and eat after or if it’s a long run this is what I have beforehand.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 130g of egg whites, 45g of chorizo sausage (I really like Wellshire, it’s not too greasy), 40g of onion, 1 cremini mushroom and one big leaf of kale. I top the scramble with hot sauce.

I eat throughout the day as I don’t like to eat too much at any one time or feel too full. I am listing the weight/volume of what I eat throughout the day to give a greater level of detail and accuracy, in case anyone is interested in knowing that. I certainly don’t think everyone needs to or should weigh all their food each day.

I have a snack before lunch, usually around 11am. It’s always 50g of steel cut oats mixed with 20g of Sun Butter and a ½ teaspoon (4g) of blackberry preserves. It tastes like a treat!


My lunch is typically around 1pm. This is the same every day and I enjoy taking my time eating it while I respond to emails.

Lunch: ¼ portion of the Chicken Enchilada Bake (see October FH News for recipe), 45g avocado, 10g tortilla chips, 100g jicama, 60g red pepper, a bunch of romaine and hot sauce.

Lunch never holds me over that long so I have an afternoon snack not too much later, usually around 3pm. This is usually about 50-100g of raw veggies (carrots, cherry tomatoes or red bell peppers), 2-3 pickle chips, a hardboiled egg, 3 ounces of chicken (or 2 ounces turkey loaf), and 1.5T of hummus. I enjoy the crunch of the veggies and having a good amount of protein to tide me over. I really like raw veggies more than cooked so lunch and snacks are always raw and then breakfast and dinner are usually cooked veggies.


Depending on my schedule and when dinner happens (sometimes closer to 6pm, sometimes after 7pm), I have a second snack before dinner (or after dinner if dinner is early). This is my “indulgent” snack. It is healthy but feels like a rich treat. I mix 26g of crunchy peanut butter with 2 ounces of unsweetened plain almond milk yogurt (omg, the yogurt is no good by itself!) and chill it in the fridge or freezer for a bit for a lovely dessert texture and consistency.


Our dinners vary but often include fish (Mike, my husband, doesn’t like beef or pork), veggies and fat. If we aren’t having fish or shellfish, it’s chicken or turkey for protein. The veggies vary each day and then Mike likes some starch, so I often have sweet potatoes, potatoes or bread for him too. This night we had a mixture of prawns and sausage for protein and fat with bean sprouts, cauli rice, broccoli and bell peppers. I also sprinkled in sesame seeds. My dinner protein is usually 4-5 ounces cooked, the veggies usually total about 200-250g. And then usually about 30g fat, depending on the protein source.


Sometimes I’m still hungry throughout the day or in the evening and so I’ll have either a spoonful of peanut butter (and yes, I use a measuring spoon because I can go a little crazy) or a big bite of a Live ProBar.

Finally, I always have my favorite chocolate every night. Theo’s dark chocolate with sea salt. 150 calories worth, broken up into little pieces.


My daily totals typically (in a low exercise day or rest day) are in the range of 2,200 calories and macro breakdown of 20% carbs, 30-33% protein and 47-50% fat.

Curious to learn more? I love to talk all things food. Please reach out to me!

Jess Mullen

Posted on October 18, 2018 .