2019 Mindset + Nutrition Challenge


You've lit the match, you've ignited your fire, now it's time to take your fitness and wellness goals to the next level!

RESET is a great way to start your 2019 right and feel amazing by Valentines Day!

This 28 Day challenge is designed to encourage you to commit to consistency in your workouts and healthy nutrition while prioritizing self-care both in and outside of the gym and a BIG BIG focus will be on mindset and finding YOUR daily ritual that gets you started on the right foot the minute your feet hit floor.

Your RESET Coaches will be sharing all the ways that they set up their day for success. You will receive detailed, step by step, ideas on how to really truly make these 28 days be different than anything you've done before. You will find the top 3 practices that work best for your personality/lifestyle. This is actually the missing component in almost every "nutrition challenge" in our opinion. Yeah, it's about the food but it sure doesn't start with food... it starts with the right mindset. This is not a one size fits all type of challenge. You're going to learn what is going to be the right daily practice for you. Yes, we know this sounds woo woo but its really what you choose to make it.

We level things up by adding fun "extras" to challenge you to do hard things and nudge you juuuust outside of your comfort zone. The secret sauce? Accountability to your coaches and community, the fun of BINGO (you know you love it), AND the incentive of some sweet prizes!

Begins January 14, 2019
Coached by Jess Mullen, MS, RD* and your FH Coaches

  • Optional: Initial Biometric Testing: Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Measurements and Your “Before” picture.

  • “Kickoff” Seminar on Saturday, January 5th at 11am.

  • Nutrition Handbook

  • Sample Meal Plan with Grocery List/Meal Prep Ideas and Tons of Awesome Recipes!

  • FREE 3-Compartment Container

  • Weekly Challenges and Prizes

  • Weekly Email Check-ins

  • Weekly in-person accountability group meetings on Tuesdays at 6:30pm

  • Optional: Final Weigh-in and Measurements with Picture

  • Your own personal RESET bingo-style game cards! Your challenges will include consistency practices like attending FUELhouse classes, mobility work outside of the gym, mindset practices and healthy nutritional habits - as well as additional fun stuff to take your fitness, nutrition, and self-care to the next level.

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Posted on November 5, 2018 .