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2018 321GoProject Hubster Gathering

2018 321GoProject Hubster Gathering

Many of you know that I’ve been a member of, and now consult for, 321GoProject, a company that works with gym owners to grow their business.  For the same reasons a gym member needs the guidance of a Coach to stay motivated, accountable, successful, safe, and cared for, I need a community of like-minded professional and successful gym owners to help me stay accountable and committed to my business practices.  My gym family is 321GoProject.

Delivering Excellence

Last weekend I attended The 321Go Hub Gathering for gym owners in Park City, Ut.  We spent 4 days learning how to provide our members the best customer service experience, how to build up and empower our teams, how to put systems in place to deliver more streamlined services.  In a nutshell we learned what it takes to run a successful, financially stable, thriving gym without getting burned out.

My head is exploding. I want to do all the things. I'm so excited to get started on the action steps I've committed to completing.

Part-Time Lover?  Never.

My mission has always been to create the ideal customer experience.  Delivering workouts is our everyday jam at FUELhouse, but our greater mission is to make sure that our humans are leaving our doors happier than when they first walked in.  It is my responsibility to constantly learn from the best so I can build the greatest gym you never want to leave, for both members and staff.

There are sooooo many moving parts when it comes to running a successful facility and it all starts with a solid team who are happy at what they do best.  I feel pretty confident that my team would say that I will do anything for them. They know that I am dedicated to showcasing their strengths. They know that I want to help them lead a life where they can make a decent living and enjoy time with their family and friends outside our 4 walls.

But I can do better.  Always.

As we approach our 3 year mark, I am in a position to dedicate more of my time to learning how to lead better.  To do this, I choose to invest my time and money in soaking up the knowledge nuggets from a variety of resources within and outside my industry.  My goal is to fine tune and improve upon our existing systems so that we are more consistent with how we reward and care for our existing members and staff.  

This is a two way street.   

This relationship goes both ways. We expect you to give us feedback.  We want to hear it all. We will listen, do our best to respond to your needs in a timely manner and hope that you feel comfortable telling us what you’re loving, what you’d like to see more of, or what you would like us to improve upon.  

We will be sending out a Member Survey at the end of this week that we will ask our people to take to heart. We need ALL the feedback to make sure we're on the right path.  All we ask is for you to give us the opportunity to improve upon the services we provide YOU.

Our team of Coaches at FH strongly believe in improving our clients' quality of life. Our mission is to build happy humans.  As you know, we love to have fun, we are fully committed to growing our expertise every day with the unified mission to make you feel your best.  We’re in this for the long haul and we hope that you plan to stick around.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,


Posted on May 7, 2018 .