FH Coaches reviewing our Summer Programming!

FH Coaches reviewing our Summer Programming!

Tribe! Last week we put the final touches on the NEW WORKOUT PROGRAMMING for Summer👊

I was the lucky one given the task to create these workouts and then present them in our team meeting, and I'm super excited to give you the dets! 

When making plans, it’s always best to start with the end goal in mind. The 3 main end goals that we have in mind for you when writing your workouts are:
1. For you to be able to move well and pain free in your every day life.
2. For you to have fun with your fitness so that it can be a consistent part of your week.
3. For you to be Strong and Sexy AF. 💪😉

Check out the break down of each day below:

Move Strong Monday will still focus on single leg, core, upper body push/pull, and cardio, but we are changing up the format a little. The different types of formats that you can expect to see are:
* Interval Stations: There are 2-3 exercises per station, and you’re working for a certain amount of time, and then resting for a certain amount of time. You’ll repeat each station 2-3 times. 
* Metabolic Stations: You have a certain amount of time to be at your station (usually 6 or 8 minutes), there are 3-4 exercises with prescribed reps that you continually repeat, and you only do that station one time.
* Chippers: There are 10-12 exercises with high reps, and you only do one full round.
* Partner Intervals: You have a partner. There are 8-10 exercises with a given work to rest ratio. You alternate exercises with your partner until you complete them all, and then start over at the top, and repeat them for 3 to 4 rounds.  

Tuesday Kettlebells will be Simple and Sinister, the Strong First challenge created by Pavel Tsatsouline. We have been doing this on Thursdays, and we’re going to switch it up to Tuesdays for the next couple of months. I’ve been loving Simple and Sinister! If you’re interested in checking out the Strong First standards for this workout, you can find them here:

Fuel Strong Wednesdays will focus on squats. 🍑 You’ll see barbell back squats and front squats, but as always, you’ll have the option to use kettlebells or dumbbells instead, if barbells aren’t your jam. Wednesdays will also include core work, upper body pushes and pulls, and some glute accessory work. We will continue to have the same format with a 5-10 minute warm up, a 25-30 minute strength portion, and a 10-15 minute conditioning portion. The strength portion will include a part A and a part B where we will superset 2-3 exercises in each. 
For the 10-15 minute conditioning we will have a few different formats:
* AMPRAP: As many rounds as possible in a certain amount of time.
* EMOM: Every minute on the minute you begin a set of a specific exercise with given reps.
* Ladder: There will be 4 exercises and a certain number of sets. The prescribed reps will either increase or decrease each round.
* Tabata Interval: There will be 3 or 4 exercises and a certain number of sets. You will for for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.

Thursday Kettlebells will be a focus on double bell work. Squats, swings, cleans, presses. I’m sure you’ll see some snatches and carries as well. Molly and Jeff will be planning these workouts, so you know they won’t disappoint!

Fuel Strong Fridays will focus on chest presses and shoulder presses with some upper body accessory work, core exercises, and single leg or lower body accessory work. In the winter and fall months as we get ready for the Tactical Strength Challenge we do a lot of upper body pulling, so this is a good time to balance that out with some pressing. The format of these workouts will be the same as Wednesday: 5-10 minute warm up, 25-30 minute strength portion, and 10-15 minute conditioning.

I LOVE ❤️ talking about this stuff, so if you ever have any questions about the workouts please feel free to ask! -Coach Tiff

Posted on June 3, 2018 .