I'm trying to be better at detaching from my work on Saturdays... I'm calling it #FHUnplugged. I've used this hashtag in a couple posts recently and I like how it feels.

I've noticed that I am really good at letting myself become a workaholic but then I miss out on the things that truly matter...family, friends, adventure, exploration, reading, recovery, rest.

To me "unplugged" means no emails, no work, no to-do list. Grab a friend, family member or just yourself and do something fun and rejuvenating.

I can’t tell you how passionate I feel about the #FHUnplugged movement. Personally, it’s a struggle for me to take the time to unwind. With this movement, I treat unplugging as part of my responsibility. It’s something I HAVE to do in order to be a better business owner, wife, friend... a better human.

Because, honestly, it is something we all need. Giving ourselves permission to unwind is key to living a fulfilling life. It’s simple, yet can be so hard for us to do.

Just have a relaxed, no-stress, awesome day so you can come back swinging strong (literally;) the next day.
We'd love to hear how you unplug.  Please share your recent Saturday with us via email or on a post and use hashtags: #fuelhouse #FHUnplugged . We'd love to show others how we're spreading the unplugged love!
Have a great day,

Molly and the FH Crew

Posted on July 30, 2018 .