Ready To Build A Strong and Powerful Backside?

This is Version 1.0 of our 8-Week Glute Building Program. Here, you will learn how to activate your posterior chain (derriere), gain lower body strength, stability, functionality, and overall athleticism.


To build a stronger, firmer, more toned posterior chain using a variety of lower body exercises and movement patterns. We’ll be adding in some biceps and triceps work at the end of each workout as a sprinkle of dessert.

‘The glutes might be the most important muscles in the body, but until recently, many people have ignored them. The glutes are the foundation of power and the fountain of youth. Healthy glutes show the world you are young, vibrant, and virile.’ - Dan John


By understanding the anatomy of the posterior chain, it is clear that strong glutes allow us to perform a multitude of athletic movements more efficiently. These muscles, when properly developed, also give you the advantage of squatting with more weight or doing better lunges with or without weights. Glute development is not simply about the aesthetics, but also, and more importantly, about improved athletic performance. Focusing on training the glutes—hard—will be the single greatest thing you can do to improve all conditions and qualities, including elite performance. Get ready to put in the work to strengthen your seat!


For optimal results, as you need weights to grow, you will be committing to this 8-week progressive program led by Coach Kiel Rasp! Every week you will hit 2 glute focused lower body workouts and encourage to get a 3rd session in on Wednesdays by taking any of our FUELstrong classes. This high volume training program is designed to build serious muscle and burn fat at the same time. Expect to see compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, and hip thrusts. Expect to see repetition of movement patterns as that is how you will master movements and progress in loading (weights).


We are looking for 8-10 Epic Females who are ready to get strong and powerful glutes! Registration for each cycle is capped to provide lots of movement feedback and individualized programming from your coach and to foster great camaraderie with your fellow glutemates. Prior fitness experience is not required...a desire to get stronger is! Whether you are newer to lifting, someone with experience who has struggled to surpass a plateau, or just looking to try something different, this class is right for you! Additional questions may be directed to Coach Rasp at: kielr726@gmail.com


Version 1.0 of Our 8 week program begins August 13th! We will make adjustments during Labor Day week!


8 Weeks meeting on M/F at 8:00am. You will be encouraged to lift on a third day (ideally on Wednesdays), either in our Saturday 9/11am Barbell class or during Open Gym Hours at FUELhouse.


The cost for this program includes your M/F Buns and Guns, access to Wednesdays FUELstrong, Saturday’s 9/11am Barbell Class, Boxing Classes, Sunday Conditioning, and Open Gym access. Your card will be charged immediately for $300. The second installment of $300 will be charged on the first day of your program. Please note that anyone with a recurring group class membership can have their group membership placed on hold for the duration of the cycle or change to 2x/week membership (2x/week gives you access to ALL classes). If you'd like to keep it active, change to 2x/week or cancel it entirely than please email us info@fuelhousegym.com. Registration is capped to provide lots of movement feedback and individualized programming from your coach and to foster great camaraderie with your fellow lifters. By signing up you are committing to our full 8-week program.


You must be injury free at the very least and/or currently cleared for heavy lifting. Not sure if this series is right for you? Email Coach Rasp at: kielr726@gmail.com

Posted on July 30, 2018 .