ALL NEW Evening Boxing Conditioning Classes!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be adding more boxing classes to the mix.

Starting on October 8th, 2018, we will be hosting Monday and Wednesday evening boxing classes at 7:30pm with Coach Chelsea!

Please take a moment to learn a little more behind Chelsea’s ‘WHY’:

The best decision I made this year was when I joined FUELHouse in April 2018. I was initially drawn to the House because I knew Margaret, a badass boxing instructor, coached there, and I liked the class variety. I can do barbells and boxing AND yoga? Sign me up!

What kept me coming back, and what I instantly fell in love with, was the FUELHouse culture. It was inclusive, supportive, and so, so, friendly. I knew the coaches had my back (especially at the squat rack), my peers had no problem saying hi or offering advice to a newcomer like me, and Molly was always there with a big smile and a HI! This sounds corny but it felt like family.

I’ve been to several wonderful gyms in Seattle and one of my favorite things to see at the gym is participants, especially young women like me, putting in the work in a challenging, and sometimes intimidating, environment. Watching people go from seeing an obstacle as something overwhelming to approaching it as a challenge they can rise up to meet is an incredible experience. I love seeing people learn to rely and depend on themselves as the powerful humans that they are. I see this element at FUELHouse at every single class. Participants are building themselves physically and mentally, and growing amazing relationships with one another as well. To be able to own your own space and realize your potential and strength is rare and powerful. To be able to do that in a space that encourages each participant’s individual growth and empowerment is a beautiful thing. This is why I keep showing up. - CHELSEA


Posted on September 24, 2018 .