5 Reasons to sign up for the Tactical Strength Challenge

Tactical Strength Challenge, one of our biggest and funnest community events of the year goes down on October 27th. This will be our 8th TSC that we’ve hosted at FUELhouse and we’re just so damn giddy with excitement we can barely contain ourselves.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I do this big crazy workout?” Here’s why!

1. THE EXERCISES ARE FUNCTIONAL AND USEFUL FOR ALL LEVELS: The exercises in the Tactical Strength Challenge were chosen to measure a broad base of function (picking stuff up, picking yourself up, navigating obstacles, and endurance). The Secret Service uses a snatch test (200 snatches in ten minutes) to make sure their agents are well conditioned. Marines use the pull up as a test. Thus, there is some history in using some of these exercises. An athlete must be well-rounded to do well in the challenge. Someone who is heavier might do better in the deadlifts, whereas a lighter athlete will do well in pull ups. A person with great strength will do well in both the deadlifts and pull ups, but he or she needs endurance for the kettlebell snatches. If you don’t have your KB Snatches then don’t worry… we got you boo.

We have scaling options available for all levels: If you don’t quite have your KB Snatches then you will have the choice to perform 1-HAND or 2-HAND Swings. If you don’t have pull-ups down, you can register for the novice and do a chin hold instead.

2. YOU WILL HAVE FUN and if you DON’T LIKE FUN THEN WE’RE PROBABLY NOT FRIENDS: Just look at these photos from our 2017 TSC to get a sense of what this day is all about. Did we mention that we head over to THE DOCK BAR & GRILL as a group to celebrate our awesomeness? Yep, it’s a thing.

3. DID WE MENTION FUN? IT GETS EVEN BETTER WITH COSTUMESWith TSC happening so close to Halloween, we encourage all participants to come up with a fun costume and dress the part! This year we are awarding prizes to the top 3 Epic Humans with the most spirit!

4. THE TSC IS A GREAT WAY TO MEASURE PROGRESS: This challenge fits in well with the idea of measuring skills as it runs every six months with the same exercises. An athlete gets all of the benefits of a benchmark workout (it’s measurable and repeated so you can see progress), but in the form of a competition. Thus, an athlete competes against him- or herself over time, as well as all of the other athletes in the challenge. 

The challenge is also a good way to measure general physical preparednessAlthough you could design a complete training program to focus on the three skills, it is likely that athletes are training in different movements. This challenge allows you to see where you are at in these broad functional movements. For example, we may rarely do kettlebell snatches in a workout, but we do many kettlebell swing variations, which generalizes to the kettlebell snatch.

5. CAMARADERIE: It’s just fun (catch our drift yet?), and you’ll have the support of your CREW and the crowd that always turns out to cheer!

We cannot emphasize enough that this Challenge is for everyone. You WILL enjoy the joys of competition, even if you’re not a competitive person. Think about it… you get to hang with some cool folks, push your limits, and measure where you lay not only in comparison to your fellow athletes but also in relation to your previous self.

As a (very) soon to be 44 year old female, society would have me believe that my best days are behind me. I respond with a resounding “NOT” and strive year after year to be a bit better that the me from the year before. I enjoy the process, the goal setting, and the satisfaction of knowing that I prepared for an event as best as I could. Or, in learning what I might do differently the next go around.

We test ourselves day in, day out at FH. There are metrics to be recorded for sure, and you should be tracking them regularly in ZenPlanner or your training journal (ahem). I encourage you all, however, to step outside of your comfort zone once in a while and and test your performance in those not so cozy places where the others are. You might find out that you hate it, but you might also find out that it inspires you to be better or at least have some outside of the box fun. At the very least you’ll have learned something about yourself.

NEXT KB SNATCH CLINIC: October 1st @ 5:30pm


Posted on September 26, 2018 .