Cheap, Quick and Simple Way to Change Your Life! Try a Morning Routine. Seriously.

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I have re-written this blog post a few times now. At first, I didn’t get why I wasn’t satisfied with it. It’s just a short, simple blog post - what’s the problem Jess? I realized it’s the message I am trying to convey that is hard for me to put into words. It’s describing a feeling - an experience that has been very meaningful and life-altering. Putting that into words keeps coming up short in my mind but I will let that go and just say what I can say.

A morning routine. Simple. Short. Cheap. Pretty painless.  

It can change your life. From the inside out. It has for me and for numerous friends and clients. It grounds me. Settles my mind. Gives me intention for the day. Helps me reign in fear and anxiety while build calm and ease. Allows me to be human and yet show up for others better than I would otherwise.

What does the process require? That is really up to you. 

  1. One key component is a daily gratitude list. Often people write 3-5 things they are grateful for in that moment. You can have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be big things, it can be anything. And it’s best if you force yourself to come up with new things each day. Reminding ourselves of gratitude is an easy tool to shift a negative perspective. There is really no downside to doing a daily gratitude list.

  2. The other part that I think benefits everyone is some form of journaling. Beyond the gratitude. “The 5 Minute Journal” is a great book to start with. Or freestyle. I like to allow a bit of free writing but then have a few questions for each day to set my intention.

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Recently my questions have been:

  1. “How Do I Want to Show Up Today”

  2. “What Characteristics Do I Want to Really Thrive in Today”

I answer for both personally and professionally. Today I wrote that personally I want to be friendly to every person I encounter today. Professionally I want to remember to be a good listener. 

Then I add my focus for the day with training and food.

Today I wrote I would absolutely do my upper body and core strength, no excuses. For food my focus would be on nourishment but no unnecessary extras (I can be sneaky with myself and rationalizations that I later regret – that could be a whole other blog post!).

Other questions I have written on have been:

“What self-care will I do today?” coupled with “How can I be helpful or focus on other people today?”

I enjoy including a little reading in my morning routine.

I like “The Daily Stoic” right now for my reading. Other times I have read from books or listened to podcasts. I have enjoyed Tony Robbins books, Brene Brown, Brett McCabe, among others. My favorite podcast is Oprah’s SuperSoulful Sundays. 

Other ideas of what one can include in a morning routine:

  • get outside for a walk

  • do yoga

  • stretch

  • meditate

The possibilities are endless. You can do whatever you want. But make it realistic and manageable.

If you are feeling like you could use a change or less stress, anxiety, fear…any of the negative emotions, I dare you to try a morning routine for 30 days. Then report back. I bet you will be surprised (in a good way). 

Love and joy to you all!

Jess, FH Nutritionist and Co-Collaborator on Epic Human Project