Crime Prevention Clinic

How to Protect my Home/Business/Family

Led by King County Sheriff Deputies

One of the goals of our local Police Department is to promote and enhance our City’s safe community and neighborhood programs. Recently we've seen a rise in break ins, in our homes and our businesses, amongst our Wallingford/Fremont community. In the last 2 months 4 FUELhouse member's homes/business have been impacted. We thought it was time to get some professional advice from our family at the local PD.

Our Goal: to work with Wallingford/Fremont residents on crime prevention efforts and improve interaction and communication from the police department. By working together we can do a better job of preventing crimes of opportunity and apprehending criminals.

A strong community bond is our most effective tool in accomplishing these goals. 40% of our burglaries are committed by the suspect entering through an unlocked door or window. In most vehicle break-ins, the suspect is after a visible item(s) of value. We encourage residents to report suspicious activity immediately by calling 911. A police officer patrolling your neighborhood may not recognize a stranger in your yard, but your neighbor will. We’ve had good success at catching burglars in the act when residents call 911 immediately to report suspicious activity.

One of the single most important ways to reduce crime in your neighborhood is to know your neighbors and watch out for each other. At FUELhouse we encourage you to start a neighborhood Watch group to bring your neighbors together and promote safety and communication. We'd like to help get the ball rolling.

This course will cover:
-overall home/business security
-exterior considerations
-interior considerations
-general awareness points
-general neighborhood crime prevention tips.

FH MEMBERS: $17 (email to register at your discounted rate)