Tactical Strength Challenge May 2019

Tactical Strength Challenge

In a galaxy far far away…

It is a grueling time for the FH Rebel Alliance. Although the Tactical Strength Challenge awaits, Imperial troops are working hard at driving the Rebel forces from making Leaderboard gains.

Evading the dreaded Deadlift, Pullup, and Snatch test is NOT an option. A group of Freedom FUELers, led by FH Special Forces in partnership with the Rebel Alliance, has established a secret base in the remote rainy City of Seattle. They call it FUELhouse.

It is here the FH Rebellion stands bravely against the evil of the TSC Empire, never backing down despite overwhelming odds.

This May 4th, armed with the firepower of strong Hinges and Pullups, and the leadership of figures including Princess Scott and Admiral Sokol, the Rebel Alliance plans to triumph over the Empire at the Tactical Strength Challenge.

-May the 4th Be with You

The @strongfirst Tactical Strength Challenge is a goal worthy of your efforts.

The three exercises that make up the Tactical Strength Challenge are:

1. A max powerlifting deadlift (three attempts)
2. Pull ups for max reps (palms forward, no kipping, neck must touch the bar) or a flexed arm hang
3. Kettlebell snatches for max reps in a 5:00 time period (unlimited hand switches and different weights for different competitor categories). If you are unable to perform KB Snatches, FH will give you the option to perform Single Arm KB Swings.

Preparing requires your focus on different types of strength and endurance—as demanded by real life’s challenges.

Join us for this fun spirited, worldwide strength event.

Participants will give it their all with deadlifts, pull ups and kettlebell snatches.

Individuals and groups from other gyms/studios are welcome.

Be sure to mark FUELhouse in Seattle, WA as your facility of choice. If you are interested in TRAINING for TSC, FUELhouse is your answer. We just launched our 12-week programming to make sure all levels are ready to compete!

Good people, new friends and BEERS after!!!