Why Not Set Crazy Big Goals? by Jess Mullen

#LiveBIG #DreamBIG

#LiveBIG #DreamBIG

One of my favorite phrases is to live BIG. I’ve learned through experience that I get the most fulfillment, self-worth, self-confidence and contentment through working toward goals that can feel hard at times. Ones that require consistent dedication and ongoing work or there’s no chance of them happening. I may not always enjoy it in the moment but overall it results in a very happy and rewarding life.
One area I like to practice this discipline is through running-related goals. Sometimes my goals are performance driven but other times I like creative or rather silly goals.

To some they may seem rather pointless and not in the normal “box” of athletic goal setting / achievement but I find they can be very fulfilling without the same weight as performance goals. I am a more positive and light-hearted person when I have levity and silliness in my life. Running is my great love and an important area for me not to get too serious and lose sight of what really matters (the joy!). 

Now having said that I go through periods where I have been very performance driven, training and racing to see how well I can perform. And this is “fun” and very rewarding but I can’t do this year round over and over without burn out. So when I’m not serious about racing, I like to set and train for other running (often volume-based) goals. I seem to lose my commitment and follow-through with exercise when I don’t have goals.

SO. This blog post is because I have one of these silly goals coming up over the next two weekends and I wanted to share it with you all in hopes you’ll send me some good mojo (selfish!) and in hopes it might inspire you to try something silly or “crazy” that’s outside your norm. Not something stupid - I’d say this goal is appropriate for me and my experience level and background but maybe not so reasonable for a newer, shorter distance runner. So I urge you to dream big but not stupid or reckless.

And this goal makes me super NERVOUS and anxious and excited and afraid. I may not be able to do it - it’s unknown territory. Also now that I am putting it out there publicly to you all before I attempt it makes it even more obvious if I don’t complete it. But that’s totally ok, I’ve fallen flat on my face before and I didn’t die of embarrassment. Because there really is no failure other than not trying, right? Each time a goal didn’t work out the first time around, I look for the lessons and show up better the second time around. So even if this goal goes sideways, I can always train and try again, right? Right. 

Back to the point... what’s the goal you ask? I am going to try back to back 100+ mile running races - a 100 mile race tonight, Friday, May 17, 2019 to Saturday night down in California (near Santa Barbara) and the following Friday morning I will start a 150 mile race locally at Lake Youngs Water Preserve in Renton. I’ve never done back to back weekends of 100+ mile races and I’ve always wanted to see if I could do it and experience what it feels like. 

Some folks may think I’m a bit crazy and whether that’s true or not doesn’t need to be addressed here BUT what I do want to get across is that we only live one life! If you find an area of your life stale or stuck - can you start to explore “outside the box” ideas of how to make a new, creative goal or sense of purpose? What scares and excites you at the same time? What could be possible? And what training or work would that entail? And especially if it’s slightly silly or absurd - all the better! There’s nothing better than a new energizing sense of purpose.

Please consider sharing in the comments any dreams you have or stories of experiences that were BIG and meaningful. Write a blog for us at FUELhouse. Or come grab me at the gym and tell me a story. Or send me an email! I love hearing about how you LIVE your life. 

And in case you wanted to look them up - the first race I am doing is called Born to Run 100, https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=57987

The second is called Pigtails Challenge, https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=60294. Some of the coaches might even come out and pace me a bit - what a treat! 

Ok that’s it. Love to all of you!


Posted on May 17, 2019 .