BOXING CLINIC: Family Friendly

Hello Friends,

I'm pretty pumped at the idea of hosting another boxing workshop!


Day after Father's Day, 6/17

We encourage parents to come with their kiddos. Please email with your childs full name and age so we can get them registered for you.


  • be a "continuing education" clinic

  • explore different options and mods for various exercises, from jump rope to push ups to mitts and gloves

  • model techniques for managing the "power vs control" ratio in boxing

  • engage the class mentally to understand that in the right mindset and with the right mods you can complete my boxing class and have a ton of fun :) 


I'm really trying to push the idea that the only person you should be "comparing" yourself to in my class is yourself, not any other class member, because that's just not fair! That's what I told a member last night when she was worried she wasn't doing crunches fast enough and she laughed, said "I love you, that's just what I needed to hear" and rocked the rest of her workout. It was a really cool moment and I want more of that.

Posted on June 10, 2019 .