week 1 results WMR Team Challenge.png

Each team has 19 people. 

Team 1 has a total of 3,345.4 lbs as a team. 
Team 2 has a total of 3,345.8 lbs as a team. 

It’s not about the team that loses the most weight but that loses the most PERCENTAGE of their weight. 

Many people maintained. Many people lost. And, only a few gained. Remember the scale can’t be the only indicator for success. Accountability is huge! You don’t have to eat 💯 clean, but you do have to watch your serving sizes. 

Each week will be different. People will experience different variations of loss each week. Remember that weigh-ins have to be done, in person, at FH on Fridays or Saturdays during regular biz hours.😉

Congrats to everybody. This is getting fun! 

Current stats: 


Team 1: Bringing Sexy Back - 1
Team 2: Shred City: pop. FH - 1

Posted on June 2, 2019 .