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How committed were you to your fitness in June? Being in the committed club is much more than just being here 15 times in a month. It means you’re moving the needle closer to wellness, making yourself a priority in your life, and taking concrete steps towards achieving your fitness goals. It also enters you into a raffle for $50 retail credit!

We had over 40 people in our committed club for June and we are starting off July in the right direction. 

Congratulations to our two Raffle Winners for the month of June. Your $50 retail credits have been applied to your account!

Dan Tobacco

Carly Krivanek

In addition to our top 2 Raffle Winners, we also want to congratulate the Quarterly Committed Club Member who receives 50% off next months membership dues…

Colette Sangerman

And to the rest of our Committed Club Humans: enjoy your bragging rights and give each other a giant hi-five when you see your buddies in class. Thank you for dedicating yourself to better health and being a role model to so many. You rock our world!


(15+ Classes)

Amy McGlothern

Austin Wiesehan

Brian Frank

Brit Mercer

Brooke Westlund

Bruce Davis

Carly Krivanek- monthly winner!

Casey Brown

Charlotte Simmonds

Colette Singerman

Dan Tabacco- monthly winner!

Davis Vaughn

Emily Sanders

Emma Barnett

Emma Rea

Erika Wunderlich

Grace Campbell

Greta Block

Hayley Magwire

Jayme Swalin

Jeanette Mabry-Crissman

Jerry Morin

Jill Killen

Johanna Burrows

John DeForest

Joyce Leslie

Judy Yeoh

Jun Pak

Kat Reuter

Kathleen Brown

Kerin Green

Kerryn Reding

Kristen Cramer

Laina Mercer

Lana Marshall

Laura Brunner

Laura Reding

Lia Santini

Lisa Stavros

Liz DePatie

Lynn Vesey

Maria McDonald

Matt Hartig

Meghan Bronkema

Michael Loncarich

Michelle Lin

Patrick Hodder

Phil Best

Sally Grandall

Sandy Howard

Stephanie Connor

Sue Sanem

Susie Davis

Teneal Jones

Theresa Farrell

Thor Tyson

Tim Gillette

Trevor Essmeier

Will Sanchez


  • Amy McGlothern

  • Austin Wisenhan

  • Brit Mercer

  • Carly Krivanek

  • Casey Brown

  • Charlotte Simmonds

  • Colette Sangerman- Quarterly Winner!

  • Davis Vaughn

  • Emily Sanders

  • Emma Rea

  • Greta Block

  • Hayley Magwire

  • Johanna Barrows

  • John DeForest

  • Joyce Leslie

  • Judy Yeoh

  • Kat Reuter

  • Kerin Green

  • Kerryn Reding

  • Kristen Cramer

  • Laura Reding

  • Lia Santini

  • Matt Hartig

  • Meghan Bronkema

  • Patrick Hodder

  • Stephanie Connor

  • Sue Sanem

  • Theresa Farrell

Posted on July 16, 2019 .