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Josh’s passion for fitness comes from being overweight as a young teen, becoming active and gaining a whole new sense of self. Josh strives to share that feeling with everyone he can through coaching, strength training, and bootcamps.

He likes to train clients to use their bodies in space; running, jumping, crawling, rolling, shuffling, skipping, pushing, pulling are all on the menu! As Josh would say: “Train like an athlete, have an athletic body!”

Josh is an ACE-certified personal trainer who has been working with clients since 2009. He started out on the business side of fitness, hoping to utilize his degree in business management and work his way up to running a gym. It wasn’t long before he was moved to get out from behind the desk and personally help people reach the goals they were trying so hard to achieve.

More about this Epic Human…

I was born in Michigan but settled in Seattle in 2008

I'm 38 but don't look it since black don't crack

I sing in a band, paint, pin & patch jackets, I love anything animation, I have goals to one day learn Japanese, learn an instrument, and learn real estate investing.

Why do I train?

I'm a teacher at heart and I get joy in my heart at that moment when someone "gets" it and I'm able to help them understand something in a way that they never did before.

Why do I teaching lifting and fitness?

Personally I have found great physical freedom, self awareness, confidence, and self esteem through learning the skills to train my body. Physical fitness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself because healthy habits and a strong body benefit virtually EVERYTHING else you do in life.


I am passionate about personal growth and balance. I think that health is a composite of physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and aspirational components that make up a whole person. While physical health is a cornerstone of that I think that it's just the beginning of the training. So I'm a big reader of psychology, self-help, personal improvement and spiritual books that help me understand people and life a bit better

What Drives Me?

Fear. Fear of living an unexamined life. Fear of living an unchallenged life. Fear of getting stuck. Fear of being placid. Fear of not having the tools I need to seize opportunities. Fear of ignorance.

What is my philosophy?

I think that health and fitness should be the foundation for any balanced, happy life. 

Posted on July 15, 2019 .