Weapons of Mass Reduction Final Results!!!

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We are so proud of both teams, Shred City and Bringing Sexy Back, but final results are in!

The winning team of our weekly incentive in this group challenge is TEAM 2, Shred City, led by Coach Kiel (10pts). You win bragging rights.

The winning team of overall weight lost in this group challenge is TEAM 1, Bringing Sexy Back, led by Coach Mol! For the weekly incentives we only accrued 6pts! But, we also win bragging rights!

Both teams worked so hard! Be proud no matter which team you were on! 

There were a so many individuals that produced some amazing results.

The overall WINNER of the total challenge is SHANDA BOYLE. Shanda lost a total of 17.6LBS, bringing her percentage of body weight lost to 9.3%! Ok that is just incredible lady- we are so proud of you and are honored to have been a part of this amazing 8-week journey with you! You win $200 CASH and FREE entry into our September Breaking Bad Challenge!

Our Top 3 performers on each team win FREE access into our FALL, Breaking BAD, 30-Day HABIT BASED CHALLENGE, that begins September 9th


Team 1 (Bringing Sexy Back)

  • Overall Team & Challenge Winner: Shanda Boyle (17.6# lost)

  • Starting Team Weight: 3345.4 pounds

  • Final Team Weight: 3264.4

  • Total Team Weight Lost: 81 pounds

  • Total Team % Weight Lost: 2.42%

  • Top 3 Team Performers in order:

    • Tim Gillette (11.2# lost)

    • Jen Ede (8.6# lost)

    • Tamara Jarosek (8.4# lost)


  • Overall Team Winner: Grace Campbell (9.8# lost)

  • Starting Team Weight: 3345.8 pounds

  • Final Team Weight: 3269.2 pounds

  • Total Team Weight Lost: 74.2 pounds

  • Total Team % Weight Lost: 2.29%

  • Top 3 Team Performers in order:

    • Krista Andrews (9.6# lost)

    • Lana Marshall (9.6# lost)

    • Margaret Tiffany (8.0# lost)

Wowza! Congrats to everybody!

Posted on July 23, 2019 .