Epic Human Alert: Laina Mercer

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We are stronger, happier, and better because of humans like Laina.

Name: Laina Mercer

Age: 33

Profession/Career: Statistician

Q: Why do you train?

First, because this training has helped me recover from a nagging hamstring injury and keeps me feeling strong and fit for soccer, tennis, and hiking. Second, because it keeps me mentally healthy. I always feel better walking out than when I walked in.

Q: Why do you train at FUELhouse?

The programming is tough, but fun and variable. The coaches are knowledgeable and motivating. I feel challenged, but never pressured or ashamed. Finally, it is a supportive community with a very positive vibe.

Q: What were you most afraid/skeptical of when you first joined our gym?

I associate lifting with scary grunting men and feeling personally shy and/or embarrassed. I was worried about feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask questions.

Q: What one thing got you to take the initial leap and sign up?

Ellie (Dr. Ellie) knows my personality and insecurities pretty well, so when she described the place and said she thought it would be a good fit I trusted her. I would never have a tried a gym like this on my own.

Q: What were your goals when you first started?

I really wanted to get back to playing soccer pain-free (or dramatically reduced) and relieve my fears around activity and injury.

Q: What are your goals now?

I am trying to maintain a commitment to get to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I really like the new attendance feature in the app! And as always, I am trying to improve my push up game.

Q: What is most important to you in your life right now?

Balance, calm, and consistency.

Q: What are your biggest challenges/ pain points in life right now?

I started a new job with a very different commute, so I'm still trying to figure out the optimal way to get FH into my new schedule. I also seem to have plateaued on my push up gains, but Kiel had some good ideas in class the other day. :)

Posted on July 29, 2019 .