It's that time of year where we take a second to see where we are at and how far we've come to help determine where we want to go. To grow, we must know our limits and that is exactly what August is for. We will be hosting two weeks worth of benchmark testing (during normal class times). Classes and workouts will run as usual with the option to test your current BEST on your Barbell Back Squat, Deadlift, KB Snatch, Pullup, Turkish Get Up. Not everyone should do a 1 rep max based on where they are at in their journey, injury limitations etc. THAT is exactly why we got you all covered!


About 30/200ish FH members actually register and participate at Tactical Strength Challenge (held in Oct and May). We would always love to see this number grow and it has over the years (because TSC is the best holiday ever and ANYONE can do it) but it tells us that our majority of our membership still prefers our “fitness” track over our TSC Prep Track. And this is good for us to be aware of because we want to continue to deliver to the masses. In the past, during a regular class, we would offer two totally separate tracks for those wanting to prep for TSC and those not interested. Offering two totally different tracks tends to make people feel separated and we don’t want that- we want everyone to feel equal. TSC participants LOVED the Deadlift programming from last TSC because they witnessed amazing GAINS but they missed out on the regular conditioning like their non-TSC buddies. And, non-TSC peeps felt a little over shadowed because our language was so over the top TSC focused. So we’ve listened to YOU, we’ve met as a team, and we feel that we’ve come up with a great plan to meet everyone where they are at.


We plan to continue to cater to both TSC and NON-TSC members in regular classes with the only difference being that EVERYONE will perform the same conditioning at the end of every workout. During the week we will be following our business as usual “Fitness” programming provided for the M/W/F classes with Mondays being a HINGE/DL focus. For example, we will be offering a“Fitness” track as well as a “TSC Prep” track for just the Deadlift portion. Everything else will remain the same... meaning all classes will be doing the same metabolic accessory work/conditioning finishers on M/W/F.


Our team has been reviewing our new programming plan and we’re excited. It's something new and it's something worth trying so that we're all on the same page to serve YOU better. What about T/Th and weekends? Well.... you can expect to see more single Swing and Snatch volume training, TGU’s #beacusetheyarethebest, heavier pressing, and carries, sprinkled with some kick ass complexes, new bodyweight warmups and more. On Saturdays, you’re in GREAT hands with Coach Tiff’s programming focused on BB Squat and Bench training. Don’t forget that we have additional conditioning options for you with Coach Hunter’s INFERNO classes and BOXING with Coach Chelsea and Joe. And hello Yoga and Mobility... we cannot emphasize these classes enough to keep you strong for everything else that you do.


We are going crack this off with BENCHMARKING to test everyones baselines the week of Aug 12th and 19th and incorporate TSC Prep the week of the 19th for those who want to prep. That puts us 10weeks out from TSC (Oct 26). We will use printed workout cards for everyone to track their results and keep in one place. Regardless if you give two sh*ts about TSC it is still really important to measure where you’re at in regards to your own personal strength. If you don’t know where you’re at, then how do you know where you want to go?

  • Aug 12: Test Max DL

  • Aug 14: Test Benchmark Conditioning Workout #1

  • Aug 16: Test Max Back Squat + Max Pullup (FAH)

  • Aug 20: Test current Simple and Sinister Benchmarks

  • Aug 22: Test KB Snatch (Single Arm Swing) 5 min Test

  • Aug 23: Test Benchmark Conditioning Workout #2

I hope this makes sense. If you have concerns please reach out to me at Our goal is to continue to serve you smart programming so that you can really kick ass at DOING LIFE. Remember... this is only one component. Dialing in your nutrition and sleep and mindset is what truly makes us epic. We can help in all of these areas. We got you.

Thanks for reading!

Molly and your FH TEAM

Posted on August 1, 2019 .