We're looking for 3 epic humans to complete our TSC PREP TEAM!


Do you enjoy the idea of training for an event and seeing the hard work from months of preparation in the off-season pay off? Do you like the idea of working with a team of like minded individuals who will be supported, coached, and motivated to work towards a personal fitness goal? For over 99% of Tactical Strength Challenge athletes, the goal is to attack weaknesses and move up the leaderboard or see tangible fitness gains each TSC season. But what makes the TSC so popular is that it brings out the perfect blend of strength and conditioning for all individuals—regardless of background, profession, gender, or size. The TSC is our triathlon. Many of us train for it year-round, always attempting to beat our prior TSC’s numbers each April and October. The competition between athletes at the top of the leader boards is always fun to watch play out as scores are entered across the world, but the true spirit of the challenge is in the progress of each individual—from attaining their very first pull-up to setting a new personal PR at each event to a room full of cheers…and ultimately advancing into ever-tougher divisions. This is an event worth training for. And we are here to support you every step of the way whether it is your 1st or 5th TSC!


This program is for individuals who want to mainly focus on preparing for the 2019 October TSC. This program will assist with improving overall work capacity all while still developing overall fitness. It consists of 5 days of training each week (with active recovery days and Sunday as complete rest). This will include everything that appears in the TSC each year, Deadlifts, Pull-ups and KB Snatches, and the movements that make you stronger and faster and keep you safe when performing the main lifts. This program will contain a specific order of workouts, so athletes will know the order to complete the workouts and how to optimize training each day outside of meeting with their TSC TEAM in regular FH classes or your own home gym.


  • This program is targeted for the student who has not participated at the TSC but wants to do as well as possible or simply continue to improve every day.

  • This program is also for students who have been following FH programming for at least 6 months, have seen consistent progress, and are ready for more of a challenge.

  • This is also for athletes who have competed in past TSC’s and who are ready to take their results to the next level!


Coach Kiel, your TSC Team Captain, wrote our TSC DL programming in preparation for this past May’s TSC challenge? It was one of our most successful events to date with 3 of our FH members making it to the top 10 of the Women’s Pre-Comp Leaderboard! That is a big deal! You are in great hands with Coach Kiel leading your Team and you have the support from the rest of your FH coaches to make this YOUR BEST day yet!


If you are entertaining the idea of participating at this October’s TSC then we highly encourage you to join our first ever TSC Team! You have 10 weeks to prepare and for non-members you get a whole lot more included in just your weekly small group training. Enrollment ends tonight at 9pm and we have 3 spots left!

Posted on August 15, 2019 .