We're looking for 3 epic humans to complete our TSC PREP TEAM!


Do you enjoy the idea of training for an event and seeing the hard work from months of preparation in the off-season pay off? Do you like the idea of working with a team of like minded individuals who will be supported, coached, and motivated to work towards a personal fitness goal? For over 99% of Tactical Strength Challenge athletes, the goal is to attack weaknesses and move up the leaderboard or see tangible fitness gains each TSC season. But what makes the TSC so popular is that it brings out the perfect blend of strength and conditioning for all individuals—regardless of background, profession, gender, or size. The TSC is our triathlon. Many of us train for it year-round, always attempting to beat our prior TSC’s numbers each April and October. The competition between athletes at the top of the leader boards is always fun to watch play out as scores are entered across the world, but the true spirit of the challenge is in the progress of each individual—from attaining their very first pull-up to setting a new personal PR at each event to a room full of cheers…and ultimately advancing into ever-tougher divisions. This is an event worth training for. And we are here to support you every step of the way whether it is your 1st or 5th TSC!


This program is for individuals who want to mainly focus on preparing for the 2019 October TSC. This program will assist with improving overall work capacity all while still developing overall fitness. It consists of 5 days of training each week (with active recovery days and Sunday as complete rest). This will include everything that appears in the TSC each year, Deadlifts, Pull-ups and KB Snatches, and the movements that make you stronger and faster and keep you safe when performing the main lifts. This program will contain a specific order of workouts, so athletes will know the order to complete the workouts and how to optimize training each day outside of meeting with their TSC TEAM in regular FH classes or your own home gym.


  • This program is targeted for the student who has not participated at the TSC but wants to do as well as possible or simply continue to improve every day.

  • This program is also for students who have been following FH programming for at least 6 months, have seen consistent progress, and are ready for more of a challenge.

  • This is also for athletes who have competed in past TSC’s and who are ready to take their results to the next level!


Coach Kiel, your TSC Team Captain, wrote our TSC DL programming in preparation for this past May’s TSC challenge? It was one of our most successful events to date with 3 of our FH members making it to the top 10 of the Women’s Pre-Comp Leaderboard! That is a big deal! You are in great hands with Coach Kiel leading your Team and you have the support from the rest of your FH coaches to make this YOUR BEST day yet!


If you are entertaining the idea of participating at this October’s TSC then we highly encourage you to join our first ever TSC Team! You have 10 weeks to prepare and for non-members you get a whole lot more included in just your weekly small group training. Enrollment ends tonight at 9pm and we have 3 spots left!

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Signup Deadline is August 6th: In Bacon, Beer and Bells we Trust!

benefitting 206 South
AUGUST 24th @ 10am

You're invited to come #sweatforacause with FUELhouse or just #eatforacause if you don't want to sweat. You got options. That's how we roll.

Here's how it works!

1. Find a parter and each sign up at link to participate in our Charity WOD + PIG ROAST. We are limiting entry to 64 teams. Workout will be revealed soon and scaled for all levels.

2. Register: $20 to attend morning Charity workout + Roast (please scroll down to register for the WOD. Each partner needs to register individually)👉 https://fuelhouse.sites.zenplanner.com/event.cfm?eventId=3ADB402A-31E2-417A-839D-E3E4FE75D072

3. If you do not wish to participate in the workout but would like to attend the Roast then please plan to bring $15 cash donation with you the day of the event. You do not need to register in advance to attend the roast but bring the cash cuz that’s just the right thing to do.

4. Now head on over to this link to get your GEAR. This is where we really hope you guys participate...in purchasing our Charity Tee. Event and Swag proceeds will be going to 206South!👉 http://kotisibuy.com/fuelhouse_charity_pig_roast

We will provide the Pig Roast and DJ. We have beer donations and ask that if you feel compelled to please bring potluck/sides items/extra beer. We always encourage BYOB to keep the fridge stocked.


When approached by our buddy, Greg Bjarko, who wanted to see if we would host his annual pig roast we said "HELL YEAH" but only on one condition...we tie it to a local charity. We should all feel proud to be part of a sport/community/lifestyle that is so supportive of one another, and we should each do our part to ensure that this core practice of FUELhouse never dies.Turns out our buddies at CrossFit Hinge just started 206 South, and we want to support their cause.

206 South MISSION
To provide an environment where teens receive personal mentorship and strength and conditioning coaching from world-class coaches, for free. Through our non-profit, 206 South, we are creating a safe environment where teens receive guidance and support that promotes self-confidence and positions them to achieve and succeed in all aspects of their lives. Through embracing physical culture, our teens learn self-discipline, persistence and tenacity, participants feel greater belief in their abilities, show more care for their bodies and health, and feel what it means to be connected to, and valued by a community of like-minded, high-achieving individuals.

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It's that time of year where we take a second to see where we are at and how far we've come to help determine where we want to go. To grow, we must know our limits and that is exactly what August is for. We will be hosting two weeks worth of benchmark testing (during normal class times). Classes and workouts will run as usual with the option to test your current BEST on your Barbell Back Squat, Deadlift, KB Snatch, Pullup, Turkish Get Up. Not everyone should do a 1 rep max based on where they are at in their journey, injury limitations etc. THAT is exactly why we got you all covered!


About 30/200ish FH members actually register and participate at Tactical Strength Challenge (held in Oct and May). We would always love to see this number grow and it has over the years (because TSC is the best holiday ever and ANYONE can do it) but it tells us that our majority of our membership still prefers our “fitness” track over our TSC Prep Track. And this is good for us to be aware of because we want to continue to deliver to the masses. In the past, during a regular class, we would offer two totally separate tracks for those wanting to prep for TSC and those not interested. Offering two totally different tracks tends to make people feel separated and we don’t want that- we want everyone to feel equal. TSC participants LOVED the Deadlift programming from last TSC because they witnessed amazing GAINS but they missed out on the regular conditioning like their non-TSC buddies. And, non-TSC peeps felt a little over shadowed because our language was so over the top TSC focused. So we’ve listened to YOU, we’ve met as a team, and we feel that we’ve come up with a great plan to meet everyone where they are at.


We plan to continue to cater to both TSC and NON-TSC members in regular classes with the only difference being that EVERYONE will perform the same conditioning at the end of every workout. During the week we will be following our business as usual “Fitness” programming provided for the M/W/F classes with Mondays being a HINGE/DL focus. For example, we will be offering a“Fitness” track as well as a “TSC Prep” track for just the Deadlift portion. Everything else will remain the same... meaning all classes will be doing the same metabolic accessory work/conditioning finishers on M/W/F.


Our team has been reviewing our new programming plan and we’re excited. It's something new and it's something worth trying so that we're all on the same page to serve YOU better. What about T/Th and weekends? Well.... you can expect to see more single Swing and Snatch volume training, TGU’s #beacusetheyarethebest, heavier pressing, and carries, sprinkled with some kick ass complexes, new bodyweight warmups and more. On Saturdays, you’re in GREAT hands with Coach Tiff’s programming focused on BB Squat and Bench training. Don’t forget that we have additional conditioning options for you with Coach Hunter’s INFERNO classes and BOXING with Coach Chelsea and Joe. And hello Yoga and Mobility... we cannot emphasize these classes enough to keep you strong for everything else that you do.


We are going crack this off with BENCHMARKING to test everyones baselines the week of Aug 12th and 19th and incorporate TSC Prep the week of the 19th for those who want to prep. That puts us 10weeks out from TSC (Oct 26). We will use printed workout cards for everyone to track their results and keep in one place. Regardless if you give two sh*ts about TSC it is still really important to measure where you’re at in regards to your own personal strength. If you don’t know where you’re at, then how do you know where you want to go?

  • Aug 12: Test Max DL

  • Aug 14: Test Benchmark Conditioning Workout #1

  • Aug 16: Test Max Back Squat + Max Pullup (FAH)

  • Aug 20: Test current Simple and Sinister Benchmarks

  • Aug 22: Test KB Snatch (Single Arm Swing) 5 min Test

  • Aug 23: Test Benchmark Conditioning Workout #2

I hope this makes sense. If you have concerns please reach out to me at molly@fuelhousegym.com. Our goal is to continue to serve you smart programming so that you can really kick ass at DOING LIFE. Remember... this is only one component. Dialing in your nutrition and sleep and mindset is what truly makes us epic. We can help in all of these areas. We got you.

Thanks for reading!

Molly and your FH TEAM

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What drives you?

What beats you?

What defeats you?

What FUELS you?

The Fueled with Fire podcast is a short form conversation Co-hosted by @fuelhousegym gym owner, Molly Kieland, and FUELhouse Head Coach, Jeff Sokol @sokolstrong with appearances by FH teammates, FH gym members, friends and guests that include health & fitness industry professionals, local community partners, and all who inspire us and who we deem epic.

We’re covering all the bases and not holding back.

Coming this August 2019!

Epic Human Alert: Laina Mercer

Copy of Epic Human Alert-3.png

We are stronger, happier, and better because of humans like Laina.

Name: Laina Mercer

Age: 33

Profession/Career: Statistician

Q: Why do you train?

First, because this training has helped me recover from a nagging hamstring injury and keeps me feeling strong and fit for soccer, tennis, and hiking. Second, because it keeps me mentally healthy. I always feel better walking out than when I walked in.

Q: Why do you train at FUELhouse?

The programming is tough, but fun and variable. The coaches are knowledgeable and motivating. I feel challenged, but never pressured or ashamed. Finally, it is a supportive community with a very positive vibe.

Q: What were you most afraid/skeptical of when you first joined our gym?

I associate lifting with scary grunting men and feeling personally shy and/or embarrassed. I was worried about feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask questions.

Q: What one thing got you to take the initial leap and sign up?

Ellie (Dr. Ellie) knows my personality and insecurities pretty well, so when she described the place and said she thought it would be a good fit I trusted her. I would never have a tried a gym like this on my own.

Q: What were your goals when you first started?

I really wanted to get back to playing soccer pain-free (or dramatically reduced) and relieve my fears around activity and injury.

Q: What are your goals now?

I am trying to maintain a commitment to get to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I really like the new attendance feature in the app! And as always, I am trying to improve my push up game.

Q: What is most important to you in your life right now?

Balance, calm, and consistency.

Q: What are your biggest challenges/ pain points in life right now?

I started a new job with a very different commute, so I'm still trying to figure out the optimal way to get FH into my new schedule. I also seem to have plateaued on my push up gains, but Kiel had some good ideas in class the other day. :)

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Josh’s passion for fitness comes from being overweight as a young teen, becoming active and gaining a whole new sense of self. Josh strives to share that feeling with everyone he can through coaching, strength training, and bootcamps.

He likes to train clients to use their bodies in space; running, jumping, crawling, rolling, shuffling, skipping, pushing, pulling are all on the menu! As Josh would say: “Train like an athlete, have an athletic body!”

Josh is an ACE-certified personal trainer who has been working with clients since 2009. He started out on the business side of fitness, hoping to utilize his degree in business management and work his way up to running a gym. It wasn’t long before he was moved to get out from behind the desk and personally help people reach the goals they were trying so hard to achieve.

Immediately Josh has become family. We are so blessed to have him join our team of coaches. He brings so much positivity, knowledge, and all around epicness to our airspace. Come train with Josh on T/Th at 7am for his hour of INFERNO!

More about this Epic Human…

I was born in Michigan but settled in Seattle in 2008

I'm 38 but don't look it since black don't crack

I sing in a band, paint, pin & patch jackets, I love anything animation, I have goals to one day learn Japanese, learn an instrument, and learn real estate investing.

Why do I train?

I'm a teacher at heart and I get joy in my heart at that moment when someone "gets" it and I'm able to help them understand something in a way that they never did before.

Why do I teaching lifting and fitness?

Personally I have found great physical freedom, self awareness, confidence, and self esteem through learning the skills to train my body. Physical fitness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself because healthy habits and a strong body benefit virtually EVERYTHING else you do in life.


I am passionate about personal growth and balance. I think that health is a composite of physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and aspirational components that make up a whole person. While physical health is a cornerstone of that I think that it's just the beginning of the training. So I'm a big reader of psychology, self-help, personal improvement and spiritual books that help me understand people and life a bit better

What Drives Me?

Fear. Fear of living an unexamined life. Fear of living an unchallenged life. Fear of getting stuck. Fear of being placid. Fear of not having the tools I need to seize opportunities. Fear of ignorance.

What is my philosophy?

I think that health and fitness should be the foundation for any balanced, happy life. 

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