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In a year of ups and downs, the world searched for "good" more than ever before. From the epic headlines to the everyday moments, here’s to all the good that people discovered in 2018 and here’s to all the good we will experience in 2019.

As 2018 draws to a close, we want to say thanks for being a part of our FUELhouse family. Thank you for trusting us with your body. For sharing your contagious energy when you walk through our front door. For supporting fellow FUELers in and outside of our HOUSE walls. For bringing laughter to our community. For believing in our cause, sharing our passion, and helping us spread our mission to your friends and family.

We are so very blessed and grateful to work with such an amazing group of humans who inspire us EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Thank u 2018, next.

Much love, health, and peace for us all in the New Year!

-Molly and Your FH Crew

A Letter to our HOUSE


StrongFirst Lifter Certification @ FH, Nov 9-11- limited class hours. Please plan ahead!

MO-LYMPICS Charity Workout, Nov 17th- find a partner and sign up!

Looking back…

I wanted to take some reflection time before posting an event recap for the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge.  There were many things that stood out to me as I watched all of you perform this past weekend. I know it was for some of you, your first competition. I know that some of you wanted to do this event but could not. I hope you can next year (April 2019;).  Regardless of your status, you represent what FUELhouse prides itself on – class, sportsmanship, kinship, motivation, drive, family, fun, community, humility, hunger, excellence, smarts, character, and more fun.

As your coach and as a leader of FUELhouse, I cannot tell you how much happiness it brings me when other owners and visitors compliment our FH family.  You may not know it, but our guests take note. They observe your actions, your athleticism, your demeanor, your interactions with others, including the support from your own fellow athletes and family.

They tell me, “The members at FUELhouse are top notch.” “High class humans at FUELhouse.” “Such friendly and welcoming people from your gym.” “What an amazing community you have at FUELhouse.”

I assure you, if these compliments were not shared with you directly, they were with me. And to be honest, this is what I hear all of the time.  Thank you for being a FH Ambassador. What we have, what you are doing as a community at FUELhouse is noticed by others because it is special. It is special because of you.  Daily, I am grateful for our family.

So, let’s talk about our Epic Humans who participated at the TSC on Oct 27th...

Yes we did very well as athletes at the TSC. Your training and dedication paid off.  We are beyond ecstatic with your results in the Deadlift, Pull-Up, and KB Snatch Test events. You guys worked hard to strategize your lifts, to work with teammates, some of whom you met for the first time because of this competition. And you all performed beyond measure.  We PR’d the TSC. You set the standard of what a community should be and to me, that is greater than any weightlifting PR because in life, setting an example of what character should be leaves a much greater impression than the weight on a bar. People who had never Deadlifted before 12 weeks ago, saw incredible gains.  INCREDIBLE! Some got their first dead hang pull-ups, and others did their first Snatch Test unbroken. Sometimes you felt good about your score and sometimes you may have wanted to punch the one of the unicorns prancing around the room (and thank you, everyone, for not punching anything or anyone). Regardless, most of you pleasantly surprised yourself with what you could accomplish when you had to dig deep.

I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for hiking up your pants, putting your game faces on, and signing up for this Fall’s TSC.

And now, it’s over!  

Twelve weeks of smart training, excitement, nerves, and probably a little bit of cursing Coach Kiel’s name on Wednesdays is no more;).  FUELhouse had 26 people register for the TSC this Fall. Let’s say that again: 26 of our FUELers took the plunge and signed themselves up for a rollercoaster ride of deadlifts, pull-ups/flexed arm hang, and KB Snatches.  We’re so ‘effing proud of you.

A very special THANK YOU…


To our FH Coaches- I love you guys like the brothers and sisters I never had, but the kind of siblings you actually want to hang out with;). You are my family. I am so very grateful for each of you. You continue to bring humility, hunger, and incredible wit to our Crew of humans. Thank you for your passion, willingness to help at anytime, and for being just a FUCKING magical unicorn. And, to our TSC Judges, assists and volunteers, thank you for taking your Saturday to give back to our community and to provide an excellent experience for all participants. We hope you can play with us in April 2019. Special shout out to Charlotte who spent hours making our TSC Halloween cookies and helped keep our HOUSE intact. Woman, we love you.

IMG_1833 2.jpg

Please share...

Are you happy you participated in this Fall’s TSC?  What did you learn over the course of 12 weeks about yourself and your experience?  What would you say to someone who was scared but curious about participating? Has this showed you how smart programming and consistency pays off?  Will you participate at a future TSC knowing what you know now? Email us your thoughts, recap on your experience, feedback, and any questions about TSC. We want to hear from you!

Feeling all the feels...

We’ve now hosted 7 Tactical Strength Challenges at FUELhouse.  At each event the feels get stronger and stronger. We witness more heart, dedication, and comradery at the gym than we see in any other moment (and that says a lot because we strongly feel all of our members are supportive all the time).  Watching you coach each other and cheer one another on fills us with so much pride. It shows that you not only care about yourself, but you care about your fellow athletes, you care about your gym, and you care about your community. That right there, is respect.  That right there, is the core of FUELhouse.

Looking ahead…


Take some time to think about what parts of the prep workouts gave you the most problems mentally and physically.  Those areas should be attacked with consistent work. Here’s a perfect opportunity to turn your goals into strengths, but it will ONLY happen with WORK on a REGULAR basis.  If you have questions about what appropriate goals are for you, or you want help creating a plan, please have a discussion with one of our Coaches.  

We want nothing more in the world than for each of you to reach the goals you set for yourself.

For everyone...  


FUELers, whether you completed the Tactical Strength Challenge this Fall or not, we consider you all to be EPIC HUMANS.  When the going gets tough, you get tougher (in mind and body), and it’s truly inspiring for us to watch. Scores and times aren’t everything in our HOUSE, but they sure provide a great measure for us to understand how we’re progressing.  Heart and dedication is all we ask from YOU, regardless if you’re prepping for TSC or not.

As your Coaches, we encourage everyone to think about their goals going into 2019.  Lets be prepared and ready to kick ass before the NYE ball drops. To everyone in our family, we thank you for working so hard and thank you for helping our community become stronger and closer.

We don’t know about you, but we sure are enjoying this crazy ride with you all.

Looking forward to helping EVERYONE step up their health and fitness GAME so we’re all ready to hit the ground running before Jan 1, 2019;). Get in the mindset now to crush some new goals for this next year.

Love your faces,

Strong Hugs- Molly

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