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All it takes is 5 minutes. Everyone has 5 minutes.

The Epic Human Project (EHP) begins this week for our FUELhouse family. The foundation of this Project begins with creating a daily morning and evening routine by using The 5 Minute Journal. We are committing to a min of 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES DAILY! THAT IS IT! This is the simplest, most effective thing we can do every day to be happier.

Our goal, with the EHP, is to help people shift their thinking to the positive the minute their morning alarm sounds. In about 5 minutes per day, we will establish a positive pattern of thinking and acting which will, overtime, spark and ignite all facets of our lives… our relationships, our career, our love life, our spirituality, our health, our finances, etc.

The morning routine that becomes our daily habit is what will set us up to accomplish, once and for all, the action items that we’ve laid out for the next 30, 90, 365+ days left of our precious life.

  • Lose 15 lbs

  • Quit my Job

  • Book that trip to Iceland

  • Train for my first Powerlifting Competition

  • Eliminate anxiety, stress, depression

  • Commit to my fitness 4 days a week

  • Walk 2 miles everyday with my dog

  • Become a doer. Not a procrastinator

  • Finish school

  • Go back to school

  • You get the idea

The 5 Minute Journal is our guide to understand the importance of gratitude and its impact everyday on our life. For the first time, in a long time, I have experienced feeling less anxious, more present, and now active about my passions. I truly believe this book and my latest morning routine has been life changing.

We hope you feel the same way we do when we hit day 30!

Here are two samples of a daily routine by your FUELhouse Coaches, Molly and Jeff:




  • Question 1 - What are you grateful for? 

  • Question 2 - What would make today great? 

  • Question 3 - Daily Affirmation. I am… Becoming who you want to be. 


  • Question 4 - 3 Amazing things that happened today…Appreciating the things throughout your day.

  • Question 5 - How could I have made today even better? Tiny changes to improve your life.

Below are two great videos on:

1- How to use the 5 Min Journal

2- How to get your kids involved!!!

Strong Hugs,

Molly and The FH Crew

How To Use the 5 Minute Journal

5 Minute Journal For Kids

Create space for new habits + delish recipe

November is right in the heart of Fall season. The leaves have changed colors and are starting to fall. The leaves always remind how beautiful change can be. I often resist change but Fall reminds me every year that it’s an ongoing part of life and there is good that comes from it.

Seeing all the leaves on the ground also brings up the theme of letting go. This time of year it is impossible to ignore the changes in nature. The trees are letting go of the old leaves in order for new growth to occur. How can this apply in our lives? Now is a great time to look inward and find those leaves that may have served you well in the past but are ready to be dropped now. Doing this allows us to have new growth. It creates the space needed for new ideas, relationships, habits to thrive. 

This month think about your food habits...what might be good to let go of? See how it could create time and space for you to add something new - something that feels more energizing or nourishing. Maybe less time on the computer on the weekend to allow for food prep? Let go of the afternoon caffeine and sugar fix for a more healthy snack? Commit to having a nourishing protein-rich breakfast everyday versus skipping breakfast? You don’t need to do a complete overhaul and try to change everything but I bet there’s at least one habit you can let fall away like the leaves to create space for a new habit that will serve you better now. 

Feel free to contact me for further help and support. Check out our nutrition program options here: 

Recipe of the month - Roasted Kabocha Soup - check out this easy to make, warm and cozy soup! It's a perfect pairing for most proteins and then just add a simple side salad for a balanced meal.

Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup

Recipe by Danielle Premo

Kabocha is one of my favorite squashes. Sweeter than butternut with a texture and flavor similar to pumpkin that makes a delicious creamy soup. Tasty to garnish with crispy bacon!

Serves 4 to 6 Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 1 hour

4 lbs Kabocha squash, halved and seeded 1T coconut oil (or other oil) 1 sweet yellow onion, diced 1⁄2 t salt 2 garlic cloves, minced 1” ginger, grated 1⁄2 t cumin 1⁄2 t coriander 2 t fresh oregano 4 c vegetable stock 1 can lite coconut milk 2 t tamari (or soy sauce) 1 t mirin 2 t fresh lime juice 1⁄2 t pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place the squash, skin side up on the baking sheet and cook until tender and easily pierced with a fork, about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Set aside to cool.

While the squash roasts, place a stock pot on medium heat; add oil, onions and salt. Sautee for 5 minutes then add garlic, ginger, cumin, and coriander (add a splash of stock to prevent sticking). Mix in well and let cook additional 3 minutes. Next add oregano and vegetable stock. Bring to a boil then cover with a lid and let simmer on low heat until the squash is cool.

Once squash is cool enough to handle, use a spoon to scrape the flesh from the skin into the stock pot. Bring the soup back to a simmer then add the coconut milk, tamari, mirin, lime juice and pepper. Use an immersion blender to make creamy, then serve!