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What a Typical OS Warm-Up Looks Like at FH

How to warm-up, or perform your "movement prep", by pressing reset. What is a reset? A reset is a simple movement that literally restores your body's reflexive strength and stability, thus giving your body mobility. If you press reset enough times, you will become as strong and resilient as you have ever imagined that you wanted to become. A reset restores your body's foundation of strength.

Your warm-up can easily look the way you need it to look. On any given day, you might need to change things up because different days can present a different You. Some days you may choose certain resets just to help stress melt away from your body. Other days you may only need to press reset for 45 seconds and then: Boom! You are ready to train.

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Posted on April 16, 2019 .

FUELed Body Flow 1/25/19

Mobilize to Optimize your movement with Coach Brian Hurst, Sfg I

We host Mobility classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am-9am!

We’d love to see you in class!

Nourish your body with this flow:

  1. Lie on back, knees bent Drop hips to one side

  2. Lift head, bring arm over and up to forearms and look over trailing shoulder

  3. Raise tall to hands, reach top arm over to proud sitting position

  4. Roll shins and hips, plant hands, come down to forearms and look over shoulder.

  5. End in starting position.

  6. Reset and do this in a 3-2-1 pattern.

Remember the eyes and head lead the body. Strength, control, rotation. Take it slow. 

Posted on January 25, 2019 .