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Member of the Month: Nissa Ferm


Where can you be found outside of the gym and what do you do for a living?

I work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations(NOAA) Alaska Fisheries Science Center out at Sand Point. I’m a fisheries biologist and I focus on the ecology of zooplankton, the small crustaceans that live in the water, and juvenile fish. The work I do has taken me to Antarctica and now the Arctic. I’ll be in the Arctic most of August and in the Bering Sea for most of September. Studying high latitude environments is exciting, they are very dynamic and trying to understand what will happen in a future with a warmer climate is difficult but necessary. When I’m not out on a research cruise, at my microscope, analyzing data or writing about it; you might find me reading at Miir, walking around Fremont and Capitol Hill, or trying to find a new board game to play. 

How'd you find out about FUELhouse?

I had moved into the neighborhood several months before FUELhouse opened. I’d walk by on my way to the 62 bus to get to work. I looked at what types of class were offered on the website and decided it was a perfect match for my style of working out. I joined a month after Fuelhouse opened and that point in my life it was there just when I needed it. Since I live so close I do feel guilty when I don’t go in the morning. 

What makes you commit to training even on days you don't feel like it? 

I know that even when I feel tired and I make it down to the House the morning class helps to get everything pumping. And I notice that on days I do go to the House or ride my bike to work I much more productive in the morning. I know it’s anecdotal evidence, maybe I should write it down to quantify it. 

What's your favorite movement/workout? 

My favorite workouts are the ones that incorporate lifting. Specifically deadlifts and push presses. 

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish at FUELhouse in the next year or have you already accomplished this goal and if so what is it? How about in your personal life? 

After I get back in October my goal is to focus on lifting and eating better. At the moment, being on research vessels for most of the summer really hampers good eating and work outs. The cook keeps making cookies and cakes everyday. There is only so much vessel to walk around and the only lifting I get is moving large baskets of jelly fish and fish around. In my personal life there are two goals. One goal is to travel more for pleasure, the other is continuing to learn new skills for work. For work I recently finished a year long R programming and Stats certification, next on my list is learning Python. 

Tell us a little known fact about yourself: 

I was in a SeaWorld commercial as a kid. 

What's the most delicious meal you've eaten recently? 

Recent, hmm. The cook on the ship made really nice pork chops with a fennel and peach sauce.

What's your favorite thing about being a FUELhouse athlete?

That it does feel like family and Molly and all the coaches are genuinely interested in my health and success as a FUELhouse athlete. 

Based on the name of Nissa's very first pet, and the name of the street she grew up on, her official stage name from here on out at the HOUSE is: 

Midnight Everview

More cool stuff from Nissa...

Nissa is half way done with the research cruise that she's on and one of the gals is writing a blog about it. , then go to Arctic Program Field blog. 

We can also track the vessel:

Report from current trip: This year there hasn’t been any sea ice so no polar bears or walruses. :(

Lady Fur Seal barking at Nissa in 2010

Lady Fur Seal barking at Nissa in 2010

Posted on September 4, 2017 .