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Amazing Transformation in just 45 Days!

From Our Member of the Month: Nick Eberle

This is one of the most anxiety ridden posts that I’ve ever even contemplated posting. But god damnit I’m proud of what I have done in the past 45 days. It’s not easy, there are no corners to cut and it takes a lot of meal planning and actual physical hard work. For years I always resorted to the easy diet, diet pills, fad programs, crash diets. The weight would come off but wouldn’t stay gone. As soon as those hcg/lipodrene/oxy-elite, drops/pills ran out it was back to eating like crap and packing on more fat.
In July I woke up and made a decision to actually do something that would work. Thank God for @lizaf15 introducing me to @fuelhousegym and @ironandspice from the first workout I knew I was in the right space. They both knew I had no idea what I was doing and took the extra time to work with me until I knew the basics. I can’t thank Molly and Megs enough for all of their time and for listening to me bitch/hobble around after they had basically killed me. It’s crazy how working out and eating right will really get ya closer to where you want to be. Whoever could have known?
The pic on the left was taken Sept 1st 2017 the pic on the right was taken Oct 22nd 2017. Gym 4-5 days a week, sometimes twice a day and throw a round of whole30 in there and you’re down 28 pounds. Now here’s the obligatory “I still have a lot of work to do” part of the post, but I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be. Thanks for reading this entire post, if I hadn’t written it I wouldn’t have read the whole thing. -Nick E

Well, you should be proud.  We couldn't be more proud of Nick and his transformation.  He has worked so hard for this and is reaping the benefits physically and mentally.  We hope you get a chance to meet Nick in class. He's 'effing hilarious and when you get he and Liz in the same hour its like a comedy show.  We are so blessed that you took a chance on us Nick.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!  We love you.

Training for Fat Loss

'I can't believe how high my heart-rate got when I increased my weights. This is just as hard if not harder than any traditional "cardio" workout.' -FH Member

I can't tell you how many times I hear this once a client realizes that they've been sandbagging their main strength workouts, afraid that their going to get too bulky.

This is once of the biggest misconceptions that I have seen over and over in relation to training for fat loss. We hear it all the time, mostly women, and some men, believing that they should avoid heavy or all weight training and only perform “cardio” and abdominal exercises to get their ideal physique. 

The worst is witnessing this in group classes.  As a coach you encourage people to challenge themselves, to push to a new level because you know that the end result is what their ideally looking for.  Who wants to keep doing the same thing or lifting the same weight?  Well, I guess not everyone cares about tracking progress, but you hope, as a coach, that your people will care.  So many of our humans "get it" but so many still go through the motions during the strength portion of one of our general fitness classes and then only focus on the conditioning portion of the workout – and often followed up by a few sets of sit-ups or something similar. My guess is that if you are guilty of this approach, you probably haven’t seen very good results with it. Maybe you lost a few pounds initially, but now you have plateaued and you may have even gained a pound or two.

This faulty approach is perpetuated by the insta-google "you tube" trainer who's more interested in selfies than actually showcasing their own clients, workout routines published in “fitness” magazines, and a few common exercise myths.


The hour or so you spend in the gym accounts for a very small portion of your daily caloric expenditure. Unless you are a professional athlete that trains and practices for several hours each day (did you hear that? I'll repeat....trains several hours a day), the large majority of your daily caloric expenditure comes from your Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR), the calories burned to sustain your bodily functions on a daily basis.  One of the most effective ways of increasing your BMR is through increasing the amount of lean muscle mass on your body. This is, of course, only achievable through weight training aka LIFTING AND PUTTING DOWN HEAVY SHIT, preferably in the form of deadlifts, squats, presses, and other multi-joint, compound movements. OMG no way?  Yes, yes we actually know what we're doing.  You see, for every pound of lean muscle that you add, you will burn approximately 50 calories more per day. That might not sound like much but keep in mind if you swap out 5 pounds of fat for 5 pounds of muscle, you will burn close to 300 extra calories a day before you even hit the gym. Furthermore, intense weight training results in an afterburn effect where your metabolism is elevated for up to 38 hours after your training session. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.  

Doing cardio alone will only decrease your BMR as time goes on. This turns into an uphill battle as your BMR keeps dropping, you’ll need to increase the amount of cardio you do to create the same deficit. Without weight training, you’ll lose muscle which will actually account for some weight loss, and you might even lose a few pounds of fat if your diet is decent, but it’s unlikely you will achieve (or maintain) the level of fat loss you desire.

“Won’t weights make me bulky?”
Weight training will add a few pounds of needed lean body mass which will in turn make you leaner and give you a better looking physique. If you are worried about getting bulky...then we should seriously take a look at your nutrition. Most people who are afraid weights will make them bulky are the same people known to complain about being unable to lose the last the few pounds of fat around their midsection while pouring their third glass of red wine, "brunching" every weekend or think gluten free pasta will solve all their problems.  These same people are the ones to point the finger at their current fitness program being the culprit of their plateau or weight gain, not the other 10-12 hours outside the gym. Yes. It must be our fault. Not theirs. 



“So how do I go about increasing my lean body mass and improving my body composition?”
Definitely focus on the strength component in our group workouts and push yourself during the finishers. Find an accountability buddy through the Tribe to do this with you!  If you want to get more experienced with lifting, consider signing up for the Tactical Strength Challenge on Oct 28th or any of our Barbell STRONG classes. You’ll focus on the core lifts, increasing strength, lean body mass, and overall performance. Many of our members signed up for the TSC or who have established a Performance/Strength goal with one of our coaches, have leaned out while getting stronger at the same time. Also, look into signing up for a nutritional consult with Coach Meg, or even the upcoming nutrition challenge that kicks off Sept 11th or our 6-Week Get FUELed specialty group for non-members and FH members!  You’ll get some useful instruction on how to dial in your nutrition so that you can improve your body composition and performance with a sustainable approach.  Need some dedicated 1:1 time to get dialed in and serious?  Then consider 1:1 training with any of our FH Coaches!

Take a look at your current approach to training and be honest about how well it has worked for you. Ask yourself: "How do I want to feel in 6-Weeks?".  If you are less than 100% satisfied with your current results, we hope you’ll consider our recommendations. And as always, feel free to consult any of your FUELHOUSE coaches if you need further guidance.

A solution for everyone: JOIN FUELhouse! (Don't miss out;)

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

We might be saying 'baiii' to summer. But we're saying 'heyyy' to a 3-day weekend first.

And then it's time to get focused.

You know what we mean about getting focused.  

It's that back-to-school feeling.

There's something about the fall that always inspires us to get our arses in gear. After fooding, boozing, and traveling our way through the summer months, it feels nice to get back into a routine for work, life, and fitness.  Many of us are ready to dig deep and set some serious fitness goals and there is nothing like the present to get started.  Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and gone.  

Don't you want to feel amazing?  Well then, lets do this.

We want to make it easy as heck for you to get focused and kick some serious fitness arse STARTING NOW.  If you're looking for the perfect way to create a fantastic fitness foundation for fall then here are some awesome programs we've designed just for our members and those new to our HOUSE:

  • 6-WEEK NUTRITION + FITNESS CHALLENGE* (Sept 11-Oct 20; $37 members only) Register Here
  • 6-WEEK GET FUELED TRANSFORMATION* (Sept 11-Oct 20; $300 non-members) Register Here
  • FIRESTARTER for beginners (Sept 19; $276 non-members) Register Here

*By joining one of our 6-Week Programs listed above, we guarantee you'll burn fathave more energy, and generally feel like a new you. But just like the summer, all good things must come to an end, so you got to jump on this by September 8th before this sweet deal sails off into the sunset.


Model: Jordan Raye, Founder Alpha Maiden

Model: Jordan Raye, Founder Alpha Maiden

Registration is now open!

It’s time to change everything — how you look, how you feel and how you train.

6-Week Summer SHRED begins July 18th
$327 (Scroll down to see what's included)

Sick of starting something and not following through? Tired of temporary results?  Whether you want to lose fat and inches, get on track with your nutrition or change the way you feel about yourself, SHRED is your launching pad.

Want to learn more before registering?

We are hosting an informational meeting on THURSDAY, JULY 13TH @ 10am.
This is a free meeting for all interested parties.  Free childcare will be provided during this time! This meeting has limited space so please share with your friends and RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!


  • 12 Sessions with your exclusive group (2x/week on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 10am) at FUELhouse
  • Unlimited access to FUELhouse classes in addition to your private SHRED sessions
  • Nutritional guidance (information/recipe options/help with meal planning and prep)
  • A Private Facebook Group for SHRED MEMBERS ONLY to build a community, post videos and photos, and get feedback on all your questions
  • Results: Lose Body Fat, Gain Lean Mass, Get in shape
  • Valuable info on motivation, rest and setting goals
  • If you are a mom and have a little one(s) who are also interested in participating in their own movement class during your SHRED hour on T/TH please let us know by emailing  We are ready to launch our kids program if there is enough interest.

NOTE: After purchasing, please read your confirmation email on your next steps.


Model: Jordan Raye, Founder Alpha Maiden

Model: Jordan Raye, Founder Alpha Maiden

It has been scientifically proven that building lean muscle speeds up fat loss, resulting in a leaner, fitter you.  

Make it even more awesome by surrounding yourself with other positive, motivating ladies and you have SUMMER SHRED!


This is your chance to take part of our very successful Summer Shred program. Our program is designed to change how you want to feel, but this is not a "magic pill". Expect to work hard. We don't care where you're starting from, only that you try your hardest and finish the 6 weeks!

This program incorporates strength work in the form of hypertrophy work with barbells, dumbbells and/or kettlebells.  Plan on working hard and reshaping your body. Find your strength and feel like a better, stronger version of yourself.

Space is limited to 12 dedicated ladies per group, these coveted spots fill up quickly so sign up today! Our focus is on becoming strong (inside and out), conditioned, & be more energetic. Our training will include body weight, proper movement patterns, battling ropes, suspension training, and other fun progressions to help you optimize strength, fitness, and energy.


  • 12 Sessions with your exclusive group (2x/week on Tuesdays/Thursdays at 10am) at FUELhouse
  • Unlimited access to FUELhouse classes in addition to your private SHRED sessions
  • Nutritional guidance (information/recipe options/help with meal planning and prep)
  • A Private Facebook Group for SHRED MEMBERS ONLY to build a community, post videos and photos, and get feedback on all your questions
  • Results: Lose Body Fat, Gain Lean Mass, Get in shape
  • Valuable info on motivation, rest and setting goals
  • If you are a mom and have a little one(s) who are also interested in participating in their own movement class during your SHRED hour on T/TH please let us know by emailing  We are ready to launch our kids program if there is enough interest.


    This is a free meeting for all interested parties.  Free childcare will be provided during this time! This meeting has limited space so please share with your friends and RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!
  • FINALE CELEBRATION: Wednesday August 30 at 7:30pm


A typical personal training session costs $100/hour. In a dedicated small group you are getting the same attention for $27/hour.

The 6-week guided Summer Shred Program is $327 for 12 sessions ($27/session) and payment is due for the full 6-weeks upon enrollment. But remember, you have access to 9 additional classes in the time that you are with us and so much more!  There are no refunds for missed classes OR for this program. YOU MUST COMMIT TO 2 SESSIONS/WEEK!

We are accepting a limited number of ladies who are 100% ready to commit to this program. This is not for beginners to fitness. If you are a true beginner to exercising, please inquire about our Elements program.

We need serious, excited and eager women who are looking to transform their current lifestyle. As your coach I put my whole heart into our program and I ask one thing from you, that you are committed to the program and are willing to be coachable!

Our training is a practice that is not perfected in just a few sessions, you need to be willing to be humbled and be patient with the process. Leave your ego at the door! You must commit to the full program, exactly as written and executed. Anything less and you are selling yourself short. You are in complete control of your results and your success. I cannot emphasize enough this simple fact- the next 6-weeks will change your life. You get out what you put in.

QUESTIONS? Email Coach Tiffany at or call 616-250-0868


So here is my story for you:

I found FUELhouse at a time when I was needing a lifeline, but had mostly decided that my metabolism had checked out and changed such that I was never really going to be any different than what I was. I’ve always been active and though my weight had fluctuated a bit through my life, it hadn’t been something I’d thought about a lot until the last few years. What I’d experienced was a gradual creep up of my weight. Nothing too alarming all at once, but slowly I was gaining about 5 lbs. a year and was at about 20 pounds from where I thought I wanted to be. My clothes were getting tight (or just too small) and I really didn’t want to buy new clothes in a bigger size. I was really frustrated because I had been doing ClassPass/barre classes and was already working out 4-5 days a week and was eating pretty healthy, so I didn’t think that any program was really going to change that. I’d tried cleanses, “challenges”, checked my thyroid…none of those things really helped at all.

I decided to sign up for the 60-day Transformation in September of 2015 at FUELhouse mostly just because I thought it was a good deal on membership and wanted a little nutrition coaching. Before day 1, Molly arranged for the guy with the “body fat dunk tank” to come for the most accurate testing of your body fat percentage. I showed up, got myself dunked and waited to hear my body fat percentage. I knew I needed some work, but the dude that ran our dunk testing proceeded to tell me that, based on my fat percentage, I was “obese.”  I promptly walked into the gym, took one look at Molly (who I didn’t really know all that well at the time) and started crying.

After putting me back together as well as she could, Molly did the “before” pictures when I was still wet from the dunk tank and my tears. I look at those pictures today and it physically hurts me because I remember exactly how shitty and defeated I felt at that moment. And while I gave Molly and Megs a smile and told them I was all in for the 8 week Transformation program, I was also pretty honest that I didn’t really think it was going to work.

But I started. I took notes on everything Megs said at that first nutrition seminar and I met with her a few times privately. I had absolutely no sense of how much protein I needed or how much I was actually getting. When I heard 2/3 my body weight in grams of protein a day, I even put !! next to that in my notes, thinking there was no way I could do that considering how I dislike eating meat (no mammals…never had to change that!). I also remember telling Megs that I didn’t think it would work for me because we eat out a lot and I did not want to be the person making weird substitutions and being high maintenance.

I wanted to change my body, but I wasn’t willing to drastically alter my lifestyle…thankfully, I found out that with incredibly sensible plan I was presented, I didn’t have to. Don’t get me wrong, I really seriously committed to that 60-day plan. I grocery shopped, I packed lunch, I food prepped and I followed all the suggestions. BUT I also still had a few cocktails, I still went out to dinners and I still lived my life – I even went on a trip to Hawaii during my 60-days. I came to the gym 4-5 days a week. I took pictures of the workouts on the boards and, when I wasn’t in town, I did my best to recreate the workouts on my own.

I started to feel more confident and competent in the gym, instead of just staring at the weights like I used to and then giving up for a lame stint on an elliptical machine like I would have before. I began to realize that I could just leave off whatever useless starchy thing was on the menu with my protein at restaurants and just double the veggies – and that that didn’t seem obnoxious or high maintenance. Instead of giving up eating out, I tried to make some different choices about where I ate out – leaning towards places where I knew it would be easier to get protein and veggies (i.e. Thai food) and trying not to suggest places where I’d be tempted and too limited (i.e Italian).

I was pleasantly surprised though that, with a little creativity, there weren’t many places that I couldn’t make it work and feel pretty good about it. Also, I found that I was really wanting a treat every night, but instead of cookies, Megs encouraged me to buy some really good dark chocolate and eat a few squares and really enjoy it. So I totally worked that in and still enjoy my 2-3 squares almost every night (and spend a fortune on really good chocolate…worth it!).

When our 8-week Transformation was up, I knew I’d had physical changes because of how my clothes were fitting, but I had no idea how many inches I had lost. On top of that, I felt stronger than I ever had and was finally feeling like my body was working for me! Maybe the best part of the whole thing was when I realized that I didn’t know if the 8-weeks was over or if we had one more, because I was not counting the days until it was over and I could “stop”. That was when it really hit me that I’d finally made that whole sustainable lifestyle change that I thought was impossible/sort of bullshit until it happened to me. That was in November of 2015. At that point, I had lost 12 pounds and 6.5 inches in the 8-week challenge! I was terrified that the end of the transformation, especially with the upcoming holiday season, that I would slowly revert back…but it didn’t!

Since that 8-week Transformation, I’ve continued to aim for 4-5 days a week at FUELhouse. I still take pictures of the boards and do the workouts on my own when I’m gone. I stopped food logging (but started again for Ignite!), but have continued to be really mindful of how much protein I eat and have limited my carbs (mostly) to those of the complex, whole food variety. But do I eat out? Heck yeah. Do I have cocktails? Definitely! Do I eat a delicious dessert now and again? For sure! I still do all things that I thought I would have to basically abandon in order to attain the goals I had when I first started, but I approach it differently without thinking about it anymore.

I signed up for Ignite because I want to maintain the transformation and increase my strength. There is still part of me that is afraid that what happened was too good to be true, so I wanted another reminder of all the great stuff that got me to going. Last week I asked Molly to do my measurements and take my pictures, because she did the very first set on that sad day after the dunk tank. I hadn’t done measurements in over a year, so I was curious. Then we dug out the “before” picture from that day and put it next to the pictures from last week…even though it’s my body, I totally surprised myself.

Since my dunk tank moment, I’ve lost just over 30 lbs., 18 inches (!!) and I can now do a pull up! I did have to buy all those new clothes that I didn’t want to buy before, but it felt a lot better doing it because I needed smaller clothing than the way I was headed at the beginning. I turned 40 last December and because of everything that I’ve learned and done at FUELhouse, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have. So grateful for this amazing place!

-Brit Mercer