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Let's do this...

Your trial month is an immersive 30-day program designed to kick-start your fitness journey and help you decide if becoming a FUELhouse Member is right for you. The core of your trial month starts with FIRE STARTER; a two-class series that gives you the skills and tools you need to feel confident with kettlebells and get started in regular FUELhouse classes (and ultimately crush your mobility, strength, and conditioning goals!) FIRE STARTER is also a chance to connect with other badasses-in-training just like you.

Once you've completed both FIRE STARTER workshops, you may begin your Trial Month with unlimited access to regular classes, our Elements Series, and an hour-long strategy session within your first 3 weeks of your trial month.

If you feel that you're very deconditioned, are working with some prior injuries/issues, or simply prefer a more individualized experience, a private FIRE STARTER session or Personal Training Intro Package may be right for you - just email to inquire! 

  • Your 30-day Trial membership is $217+tax for new members.
  • If you feel you have an adequate understanding of the movements and concepts necessary to move into regular classes and are well versed in hardstyle kettlebells and barbells then you can bypass our prerequisite FIRE STARTER series by scheduling a test out session ($67) with one of our coaches. Email to inquire or schedule your test-out session!