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OPTION A) Group FIRESTARTER + 30 Day Trial  

Our On Ramp group series runs twice a week for 3 weeks during your trial month!

Taught by one of our certified SFG Instructors, these classes are for first-timers, those returning to a fitness lifestyle after taking time off/coming back from an injury, and those with minimal Hardstyle Kettlebell and functional fitness experience. Your group will meet twice a week over a period of three weeks (6 sessions).

Group Firestarter classes are kept to small groups to ensure quality attention.  As you work through the 6 one-hour sessions you and your fellow newcomers will be taught essential skills, techniques, and principles by a FUELhouse SFG Instructor handpicked for their ability to teach. Students will come away from the series being able to safely and effectively train with a kettlebell in our group class setting.  Firestarter is the perfect place to both learn our movement standards, starting with the Kettlebell, and make some new friends before transitioning into our regular classes.

We believe that strength has a greater purpose, and the Kettlebell can be the tool to help you build that strength.

The cost is $276 and your spot in Group Firestarter is reserved upon payment.  If you sign-up, you cannot miss more than one class total or you’ll have to start over. Please contact us if you cannot make a session.  We understand life gets in the way sometimes.  On-Ramp fee is non-refundable.

We love friends and family so bring a buddy/partner and get 10% off their Firestarter Group Program!

To sign up, just email us at to save your spot!

FOR $276, YOU GET:

One Month Trial Membership
5 hourlong small group sessions with a certified coach, includes movement screen in your first session
1 hour Group nutrition clinic with FH Nutritionist, Jess Mullen, to discuss your goals and how to maximize your results: March 20th @ 5:30pm
1 hour Group Movement Clinic with FH Physical Therapist, Dr. Ellie Somers: March 27th @ 5:30pm
Access to our private Member Forum

Our next FIRESTARTER Group Series takes place MARCH 4th, 2019.

OPTION B) Private FIRESTARTER + 30 Day Trial

This 1:1 personal training package is designed to give you maximum personal attention and will be tailored to your schedule and abilities. Busy schedule won’t allow you to attend Group FIRESTARTER? This 1-on-1 personal training is designed to give you the maximum attention and will be tailored to your schedule, capacity and abilities.

The Program will be taught over 4 separate 1 hour sessions (your 4th session focuses on nutrition and planning your initial fitness journey), by a certified FUELhouse Coach.   Sessions are available throughout the week. Cost is $376 for one person.  

We love friends and family so bring a buddy/partner and get 10% off their OnRamp Course! 

Please contact us at for more details or to sign up!

FOR $376, YOU GET:

  • One Month Trial Membership ($207 VALUE)

  • 3 hourlong private sessions with a certified coach, includes movement screen in your first session ($300 VALUE)

  • 1 hour group nutrition + fitness strategy session to discuss your goals and how to maximize your results ($87 VALUE)

  • Access to our private Member Forum (PRICELESS)


C) Have previous experience?

CONTACT US VIA EMAIL IN ADVANCE If you have prior experience with Barbells and Kettlebells, email us to book a Test-Out session for $87 (this amount can be applied towards a trial month of membership and that total would be $217+tax). We may ask you to attend intro classes or book further PT before attending some classes.

Schedule 15min Consult + FREE Intro

Please fill out the form below and we'll give you a call.  We want to learn as much as we can about you in order to help you pick your best path with us!

Once we've had a chance to talk we'll get you booked for your FREE Intro Class!  

Join us on a M/W/F class!  This is the perfect way to check us out with zero commitment.  We require that you have been participating in a similar workout program, in order to access this FREE trial class.

At this FREE class we'll take you through a workout that's designed to fit your current level of experience.  We will show you around our HOUSE, introduce you to our members and coaches, chat briefly with you about your fitness journey and specific objectives, and let you know how we can best help you meet your goals.  We want to get to know you and see how we may be able to serve you. Our goal is for you to understand what we are about, so you can make an informed decision before taking your next step.

No Sweat Intros are limited to participants serious about getting started at our HOUSE.  Advance RSVP is required. Grab your spot by emailing us at  This workout is scaled to any level so please don’t be shy! Come on in, get a great workout and meet a great group of people.

Please contact us at and RSVP for your FREE Intro!

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Please tell us about your fitness history, goals, how you heard about FUELhouse. In a realistic world, how would ultimately like to feel after 30/60/90 days working with your new FUELhouse family of Coaches and members?


3: Lets do this already!

Once you complete one of the above options you have the choice to proceed with one of several membership options with FUELhouse.  We can’t wait for you to join us!