Our favorite thing to build is relationships.

Whether we’re pushing you to squeeze out one more rep or are simply being your sounding board after a tough day, as your coach, we’d like to be someone you can rely on—both inside and outside the gym. 

In addition to coaching group strength & conditioning classes at FUELhouse, all of our coaches are available for private 1:1 training and semi-private training. Interested in connecting with a coach? Reach out directly via the links below or email the gym at info@fuelhousegym.com and we'll help you find the best coach for you!

Here’s a little bit about us. We’d love to hear your story, too. 



As a coach, I have the unique opportunity to be in a person’s life in a different way than any other social norm. My day consists of leading warm ups, skills practice, and workouts, but ends up morphing into laughter and conversations that create a family through fitness. I believe that, in coaching, I have the privilege of guiding people through to the other side of something that they thought was otherwise impossible. By taking people to their edge, I show them that the only way they can grow is by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The speed bumps of achievement bleed over into other areas of their lives, giving them more energy, more productivity, more confidence, a new sense of self, healthier choices, and happier relationships.

The daily challenges of our workouts and the environment we create remind us that there is always something we can get better at or reach further for. Our mission is to help motivate our fitness family to strive for continual growth in all aspects of our lives, whether that is in mastering a pushup, being a better father/mother/daughter/son or coaching a swing. I am thankful, lucky and blessed to have FUELHOUSE as my family and for the opportunity to coach and sweat with you!  If you don't know already you will quickly learn that my favorite things to talk about are my dog, my husband, my love for micro brews and procecco, kettlebells, nut butters, and everyday nonsense.

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StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor - Level II, Strength Matters - Level 1 Kettlebell, RKC Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach


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Please help us welcome our new Coach to the FH Team!  Along with being just an all around awesome human, Brian is currently training to pass his StrongFirst Barbell Cert this November and currently runs our am Firestarter On-Ramp Series!


SFG I Kettlebell Instructor


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I'm a strength and movement coach certified through StrongFirst Inc. I specialize in kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight training. I'm also a FMS (functional movement screen) certified coach. The FMS helps us identify imbalances or asymmetries in the body so we can correct them, helping to prevent potential injuries before they happen and building a more bulletproof you. 

I've been certified through StrongFirst for 6 years, and was recently promoted to StrongFirst Team Leader. As one of only two Team Leaders in Washington State, I'm proud to be entrusted to train and certify new StrongFirst coaches throughout the year. 

My goal as a coach is to make YOU more durable. To be durable, you must have strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. Too often, we train hard in one or two of these modalities while ignoring the others. My goal is to ensure that my people stay balanced, healthy, and strong in all aspects. 

I believe that kettlebells are an awesome way to accomplish this goal because they make you strong physically AND mentally. You have to focus during a kettlebell session - no thinking about taxes, work stress, the presidential race, or any other distractions. It's a true release and therefore the best shrink you'll ever have. Physically - you'll build an iron core, joints that are more mobile than they've ever been, and you'll end up stronger and more explosive than you've ever dreamed. 

I work with a wide range of people, from 16 year old athletes to retired NHL hockey players to 75-year-old grandmothers. I love keeping sessions fun, effective, and to the point. I was overweight, depressed, and basically lost when I found kettlebells. They didn't just change my life, they saved it - and I'm confident they'll do the same for you.

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StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor - Level 2, SFG Team Leader, StrongFirst SFL (Barbell), FMS 



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My absolute favorite thing about being a coach is giving people the gift of empowerment and confidence. 

I am a true believer that physical strength transfers into mental and emotional strength and gives us the ability to tackle anything that life throws at us.  I want everyone; no matter their background, circumstances, or current fitness level, to feel comfortable and welcome stepping into the gym.  

I went to Northern Michigan University where I got my Bachelor's in Exercise Science, played basketball, and threw shot put, discus, and javelin.  After college I played one year of professional basketball in Germany and since then my love for fitness and performance has led me to work at a various schools and gyms.  I have gained knowledge and experience as a Sports Performance Coach, Basketball Coach, Track Coach, Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Rehab Assistant, Personal Trainer, and Gym Owner. I have also received a Master's in Exercise Science and take great pride in being a life-long student. 

Throughout my life, I have had so many amazing coaches and mentors that have positively impacted me and taught me powerful lessons.  They have left such a strong impact that it has given me a desire to be a coach and mentor myself and give back.  My mission is to inspire, empower, and change people's lives!

I currently live in Belltown with my wife Julie, dog Charlie, and cat Cooper. I love cooking (especially breakfast), traveling, hiking, doing pull ups, and juggling kettlebells. 

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  • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • NASE - Certified Speed Specialist


www.coachtiffkelley.com | facebook | instagram | tiff@coachtiffkelley.com



Kiel (pro tip: it's pronounced like "KYLE!") was born and raised in Seattle. He got into fitness when he played football and did track and field at the University of Washington. He quickly saw how proper strength training excelled his performance on the field. After college, Kiel ran a couple marathons before he became a personal trainer. He has been training clients 1 on 1 and doing group classes for the last 3 years. 

Kiel currently plays Australian Rules Football for the US National Team. Ask him about "footy" - he beams just talking about it.  Kiel loves training people because it really excites him to see someone push past their perceived physical limits. He believes that the aspects of physical exercises carries over to other parts of your life. If you can push yourself in the gym then you'll be able to push yourself outside of the gym. Kiel loves to move his body as much as possible and he firmly believe that the more we move now, the more we will be able to move later on in life.

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SFG I Kettlebell Instructor, UW Husky Football Punter 2010-2011, Record: Longest Punt in UW Football History of 82 yards and best Net. Average, Member of the US National Australian rules Football team, EMT Certified, training to be Firefighter.


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FUELhouse Nutrition

MS, RD, RRCA Certified Running Coach

I’ll admit it. Like most people, I used to eat a lot of junk. At 20, I remember going for a 30-minute bike ride and promptly getting sick. It was a wake-up call–the first time I really thought about the importance of what I chose to put in my body.

After studying accounting and working as a corporate auditor, I had a realization: I wanted to do something that would help real people. I went back to school and got a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science from Bastyr University, which combined a focus on whole foods with solid research.

Since then, I’ve broadened my knowledge even further. As an inpatient dietitian at Stevens Hospital, I gained considerable experience with major medical issues, like diabetes and diverticulitis. Now, in private practice nutrition and as a fitness trainer and running coach, I work with people who have a wide range of abilities, needs and goals.

As a long-distance runner, I have had years of experience experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. I have learned how to maximize my ability to burn fat and minimize stomach distress during long events. This has enhanced my my ability as a professional to support my clients improve body composition, health, energy levels and performance.

I’ve tried lots of diet approaches myself, so I understand what it’s like. I continue to read as much as possible and keep an open mind. Overall, my philosophy is to build from the positive.

What I really love most is helping active people figure out what works for them, and what they can sustain.

I truly believe you can feel better, look better and perform better, even as you age.


MS, RD, RRCA Certified Running Coach


Facebook  |  jess@fitfirst.net

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One of the most significant principles I have internalized throughout my experience with the StrongFirst philosophy is that  "Strength is an attitude." It has purpose "that makes all other values possible." I consider myself a "student of strength." And I coach other students through practicing and perfecting foundational physical movements. 

Grinds and ballistics are as true on the workout floor as they are in life. My goal for each individual is to integrate the concepts of StrongFirst and the in order to create a specific path to building and maintaining strength and flexibility. I believe that strength is the key for persons of all age groups to ultimately acquire the ability to navigate their daily living activities with greater ease and of course have FUN doing so.

I developed a passion for fitness while studying Exercise Science at Gonzaga University.  For the past 15 years I have explored many aspects of service offered in health clubs ranging from the front desk to management and operations. Along with FUELhouse, I am a Rehab Specialist at Tangelo Manual Therapy and Movement.


B.S. Exercise Science
StrongFirst Instructor Level 2
Functional Movement System Level 1 and 2
Functional Range Conditioning Coach


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Po is Molly’s dog and he frequents the gym. You may find him chasing someone around the building, licking wrappers from the trash, dismantling his stuffed dragon or just lying down.  He is very sweet and will welcome you with open paws.

Po gets excited when you come to the gym so if he jumps, please just cross your arms, turn your back and ignore him. He’ll stop, we promise. If you bend down or use your hands to push him, he thinks you are playing and will likely continue. Otherwise, belly rubs, bum scratches, tossing toys or giving healthy treats are much appreciated!

DOB: 10/31/12

Weight: 65 lbs.

Breed: Border Collie/Lab mix