Recharge YOU!

This transformation actually transformed my life! I’m so so so glad I did this. My clothes fit again, I lost serious inches, made great new friends and got calloused from swinging bells! But more than anything, I actually didn’t know when the 8 weeks ended because it wasn’t a diet or a “challenge” or a was honestly a transformation. Maybe the best thing I did in 2015!
— Brit, FUELhouse Member

RECHARGE simply isn't your typical nutrition challenge. 

Sure, it's easy to print out EAT THIS/NOT THAT lists of food and follow the rules for 30 days (except sometimes it's not). 

And we all know that it's REALLY easy to go right back to your old bad habits the minute that challenge ends. 

Real life is hard. Real life is unpredictable. Real life is family functions, fancy restaurants, kids, unexpected work meetings, and sugar cravings. Real life is not balanced - real life is a teeter-totter. And when things get crazy, good habits are what will keep you afloat. RECHARGE is designed to help you design habits that will withstand even the most unpredictable times in your life. 

This isn't about eliminating any one particular food (although you may find that you feel, move and look better when you prioritize certain foods over others!) Instead, we'll work through adopting healthier habits as a group. Every two weeks, we'll focus on a different nutrition and fitness habit, building on each new practice as we go. We'll coach you on how simplify a particular habit if you're struggling, or dial it up if you feel like it's easy. Just like we all scale workouts differently, each habit can be scaled to meet you where you are and challenge you in a sustainable way. But at the end, we're all working together as a team at the same task, because we are #strongertogether. And as we say over and over, that's just how this whole community thing works. 

Be prepared - we'll encourage you to examine all aspects of your approach to nutrition and fitness. We'll push you a little out of your comfort zone. We'll ask you to work hard and try things that are new. We'll ask you to keep an open mind. But most importantly, we want you to have fun and help each other.  

If you're ready and willing to let go of everything that's held you back when it comes to how you eat, if you're ready to work hard and approach nutrition with a new attitude, RECHARGE is for you. 


Based on your feedback, we've redesigned Recharge with 3 tiers of accountability!

1) LAUNCH - You'll follow the program with the group as written. Includes:

  • access to general coaching via a private Facebook group ($99 value)
  • a weekly email newsletter from Coach Meg featuring special nutrition topics, posts, recipes, Q&A, etc. (PRICELESS)
  • ability to win a ton of awesome prizes (membership to FUELhouse, yoga classes, gift certificates to local businesses, travel fitness equipment, etc) based on your commitment to consistency. 
  • Fitness testing to gauge improved performance
  • Investment: $50. (Spots available: Unlimited!)

2) IGNITE - Includes all of the above ($99 value) PLUS: 

  • Two 1:1 sessions with Coach Meg to individualize the program to your specific goals ($150 value)
  • Before/after measurements, photos if appropriate for your goal
  • Unlimited email support from Coach Meg ($150 value)
  • 4 small group check-ins on Tuesdays at 6:30pm for accountability, Q&A, and group support ($120 value)
  • Access to 8 weeks of unlimited FUELhouse classes ($470 value)
  • Investment: $149 members/ $479 non-members (just 20 spots available!) 

3) ACCELERATE - Includes all of the above ($520 value) PLUS:

  • The maximum in personal accountability/individualization via 4 total face to face check-ins with Coach Meg ($290 value) 
  • Investment: $229 members/$549 for non-members